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Death by vaccination: Report expected this week

Death by vaccination: Report expected this week

CHANDIGARH: The report of pentavalent vaccine, which was temporarily seized following the death of a two-month-old baby last month at the PGI, is expected this week. The drug authorities in Chandigarh had marked the report's result as top priority and vials of pentavalent samples had been sent to central drug laboratory at Kasuali on April 27.

The baby had undergone routine immunization at PGI on April 23. The family had bought the injection from a chemist located on PGI campus. However, a few hours later, the baby's health started deteriorating. According to his parents, the baby was taken to a hospital in Manimajra the same day. When the child did not recover and started getting weak, he was rushed to Government Multi-Speciality Hospital, Sector 16, where he died the same day.

Following that, 117 lots of unsold pentavalent vaccines were called back from the market by the drug controller authority of Chandigarh. There were 646 such vaccines from the batch, some of which had been used for inoculation and no adverse reaction has been reported, except in the case of baby from Manimajra. However, the drug controller department has temporarily sealed the batch of the vaccine. The manufacturer is Pune-based Serum Institute of India.

"Vaccines manufactured anywhere in the country have to get clearance from the Central Drug Institute, Kasauli. If the samples of pentavalent vaccine fail the quality test, we shall take necessary action and seal the entire batch," said drug control officer UT, Sunil Chaudhary.