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NBC Survey Finds Congress is Unanimous on Vaccinations

Do you think they do what they force you to do?

NBC NEWS ASKS CONGRESS: Have you vaccinated your children?

On Capitol Hill, disagreement is the rule, not the exception.

But when it comes to the issue of vaccinations, there appears to be a level of unanimous agreement. An NBC News survey of all 434 voting members currently serving in the House of Representatives finds that not a single member indicated that their children had NOT been vaccinated.

According to their offices, 121 members with children said they've vaccinated them, zero said they haven't, and another seven declined to answer. Thirty-three offices responded that the congressional member does not have children. All other offices have yet to respond.

NBC conducted this survey as a debate over mandatory vaccinations rose to the top of the political conversation this week, with the measles outbreak expanding to 14 states last month. Top 2016 presidential candidates made a flurry of conflicting statements this week, with some urging all children get vaccinated, and others defending parents skeptical that vaccines are linked to developmental disorders like autism.

Total Responses: 161

Responded saying "No Children": 33

Yes: 121

No: 0

Declined to answer: 7

NBC News' Shaquille Brewster, Teddy Amenabar, Sydney Gottfried, Justin Peligri. Matthew Fried, Maggie Gottlieb, and Ed Demaria contributed to this report.