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Public Health Agencies Want Jenny McCarthy Removed From "The View" Over Anti-Vaccination Advocacy

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July 25, 2013

The pro-vaccine crowd is up in arms that former model turned actress and activist is joining as a co-host on The View . Citing the actress’s anti-vaccination advocacy, health agencies are announcing their opposition to McCarthy's addition to the show.


Less than a week after Elisabeth Hasselbeck said her goodbyes after 10 years on The View, another divisive blond has joined the daytime talk show and she's causing a stir.

Playboy model-turned-anti-vaccine-crusader Jenny McCarthy will officially become a co-host on The View when it launches its 17th season on Sept. 9.

Though she launched her own little-watched talk show on VH1 in February, McCarthy has remained in the spotlight -- and come under fire -- in recent years thanks mostly to her campaigns linking vaccines to autism.

She is president of Generation Rescue, a nonprofit group that supports this view, and has also publicly defended Andrew Wakefield, who is a hero to many in the anti-vaccine community for exposing a link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. Although the paper did have many scientific accuracies, the inaccuracies outweighed them and it has since been retracted.

Watched by some 3 million viewers a day -- most of them women, many of them mothers -- The View is known for controversial conversations about hot-button issues, and there are few topics as heated as the vaccine debate.

“I think a network hiring a homicidal maniac, giving her a forum in front of people who have young children and are impressionable, is the most irresponsible thing I’ve heard of in a long time,” said Michael Specter, a New Yorker magazine staff writer and author of the book, “Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms the Planet, and Threatens Our Lives.”

Michael Specter is a known lunatic himself for his views on denialism, so I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously. But even public health agencies are voicing their opinion on McCarthy's new bit calling her opinions a promotion of pseudoscience and conspiracy. I wouldn't go that far because if there is any pseudoscience at all, it's the science of vaccination which is a far greater risk than benefit to any child. There are so many parents, now in the millions, becoming educated on the dangers of vaccines that government is on the defensive, creating stealth vaccine laws which may soon allow officials to conduct childhood vaccinations without any parental consent at all.

“[McCarthy's] anti-vaccine views equal misinformation. Please ask The View to change their mind.” tweeted Toronto Public Health.

America's public health authorities are also sounding the alarm. The American Medical Association and the surgeon general are being called on to contact ABC to reverse their decision to hire McCarthy, with many claiming a campaign should of been initiated before the announcement was official.

We Need To Stop Linking Vaccines As The Cause of Autism

There are few advocates more against vaccinations than myself. I have asserted repetitively over the years that when it comes to vaccines, don't sit on the fence and that most of the evidence now suggests that the healthiest children in the future will be unvaccinated .

However, nothing has discredited the anti-vaccine movement more than the assertion that vaccines are the cause of autism. I've been very vocal about this issue and we need to get off this chime if we are ever to make progress on removing vaccines from our healthcare systems permanently.

Anti-vaccine supporters are finally coming to realize that they must eliminate their misinformation and misinterpretations that vaccines are the primary cause of autism, because they aren't. This has only hindered progress in the advancement and awareness on the dangers of vaccination. It has been impossible to conclusively link vaccines as the primary cause of autism and there's a good reason for that since there are now an established multitude of other factors involved, such as the abundance of toxins and pollutants in our foods, environment and the obvious genetic predisposition which can no longer be denied. Two key problems in autism unrelated to the brain yet clearly associated with the condition have recently been identified and both linked with Monsanto's glyphosate products: gut dysbiosis, and disrupted sulfur metabolism/impaired sulfate transport.

That doesn't mean vaccines are not a contributor or that there is no correlation with the incidence of children with autism, because there is.

However, those opposing vaccination are now seeing the big picture. That it's not so much vaccines that are the primary problem, but part of the greater problem of body pollution. That's why you can have families who have one child who was vaccinated and autistic and then siblings who are unvaccinated and still autistic.

One of the other issues brought up by McCarthy and others is the issue of making vaccines safer. Thinking we can "green" vaccines, as Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have subscribed to is as ridiculous as an approach to green cigarettes. Proposing to make vaccines more safe, affordable, necessary and effective as is the mission statement of Sane Vax Inc , is preposterous and frankly a betrayal of the anti-vaccine advocates they claim to be representing (or should I say misrepresenting).

Vaccines are poison and always will be because they fail to address the most basic principles of human health, namely homeostatic balance in the absence of deficiency and toxicity. Cells lacking what they need or exposing them to something harmful will inevitably malfunction. Unless cells malfunction, there can be no disease. When you continuously expose cells to harmful chemicals, regardless of intentions, there is no question that you will eventually be in a diseased state. That's unlikely something that will broadcasted on The View but for those who have a fundamental understanding of the human body...they get it.

I see McCarthy's presence on the The View going down one of two ways. Either it will be an opportunity for public health and vaccine advocates to regularly refute and tear down her arguments about vaccines, or it will open up a whole new awareness on the dangers of vaccines that move far beyond the stigma of the vaccine-autism link. I'm personally hoping for the latter, but either way, it will surely open up the debate which always benefits the fence sitters .


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