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Vaccines: 'Safest of Medicines' or the 'Biggest Lie'?


For millennia, humans have survived and, absent war, famine, or other living conditions or practices that favor disease, thrived before the first 'vaccine' was introduced. Moreover, the use of vaccination to provide disease protection is based on a theory, "the germ theory of disease", that does not explain, nor, until very recently, address the reality that human life depends upon our symbiotic co-existence with a variety of microbial organisms, some of which can also appear to be 'pathogenic' when, for whatever reasons, a given human body is 'sick'.

Unfortunately, to this day, the developers of vaccines do not understand exactly how the human immune system functions; are focused on the adaptive immune system; and, in general, ignore the critical role of the innate immune system in maintaining the health of the body. Worse, they wrongly claim that evidence of adaptive immunity based on "antibody titer" and/or other similar evidence can be used as a valid surrogate for proof that a given vaccination program provides disease protection to most of those inoculated with a given vaccine according to some fairly rigid, nationally recommended, vaccination schedule.

In addition, rather than being science-based, most of the current claims concerning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines are more the unfounded beliefs of the developers, purveyors, advertisers, and defenders of our current vaccines and vaccination programs than anything else...

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