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Japan’s Fukushima ‘worst in history’

Posted on September 18, 2011 by AustralianCannonball


At least one billion becquerels a day of radiation continue to leak from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant after the March earthquake and tsunami.

Experts say that the total amount of radiation leaked will exceed amounts released from Chernobyl, making Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster in history.

Al Jazeera’s Steve Chao reports from the Japanese capital of Tokyo.

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We have a 10 year old girl displaying signs of radiation sickness. We have independent experts saying the levels are harmful and comparable to Chernobyl and anybody who has been following this would already be aware of radiation “hotspots” in Tokyo that are accepted as a fact by radiation monitoring teams and even the media.

But rest assured even with Chernobyl levels in “some” areas of Tokyo the experts employed by the Japanese government tell us on camera we are just paranoid and radiation levels have not changed significantly. I’m not sure which radiation maps they are looking at?

I’ve got a few they can look at here:

When will they start telling the truth?

I accept Tokyo is a large place with roughly 35 million if you include the metropolitan area. Is that fact larger than the truth?

If people want to live there fine but tell them the truth. It will at least give families with children the option to sell their properties to the people who will stay in Tokyo despite the radiation. (AustralianCannonball)