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Chemtrails "Official": Bacterial and Chemical Warfare on the Pretext of Non-existent Global Warming

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June 4, 2011 by Infowars Ireland

Fri, 3 Jun 2011

Summary: Chemtrail poisoning of the atmosphere is increasing and surrounded by deep secrecy. The Royal Society of London, which coordinates the dispersion in Europe on behalf of the EU and national governments, has notified the reason for the atmospheric contamination with toxic particulate matter (barium, aluminum, lead, arsenic, sulfur, thorium, strontium, etc.) to be combating global warming. U.S. Congress has made steps to legislate on this illegal environmental pollution which was even banned by the UN in 2010. The pretext for climate protection does not hold water: There has been no global warming since 1995. New research now shows chemtrail clouds to lead to more warming than all emitted CO2 in the history of aviation! The climate fraud has been sufficiently revealed - and the IPCC chairman has declared "climate science" to be politically commissioned work. Nonetheless, some still consider chemtrails to be harmless, calling criticism thereof "conspiracy theory".

These doubts are now completely redundant after the University of Calgary has made a cost calculation over different ways to disperse the poisonous particles in the atmosphere - to reflect the sun's rays, they say. The calculation was for the Aurora Flight Services - the government's partner for unmanned flights in the upper atmosphere. Dispersion by commercial airplanes was found to be the cheapest way - around 1 billion dollars per year - while rocket application would cost 100 billion dollars annually. Also, special air ships and cannon projectiles can be used.

A report from the Arizona Sky Watch shows dramatic increases in heavy metals in Arizona´s air in 2010. These figures show how many times they are over the permissible toxic limit: Aluminum: 15.8 Antimony: 63.3 Arsenic: 418 Barium: 5.3 Cadmium: 6.0 chrome: 6.4 Copper: 9.0 Irons : 43.5 Lead: 15.7 Manganese: 513.8 Nickel: 10.7 Zinc: 7.5. Their values should be = zero Chemtrail effects: We have 20% less sunshine, and mostly a blanket of artificial "clouds" filled with toxins.

But now a new aspect is added. The earliest "Chemtrail" experiments took place in Dorset, England, between 1963 and 1975: With political permission, naval ships sprayed bacterial suspensions including an Escherichia Coli species into the air - and the wind brought the bacteria ashore over an unsuspecting population. A public hearing was not allowed by the government - but it ordered an "independent" investigation by a professor from - of all places - the Royal Society. He believed that only the weakest with immune diseases could have fallen ill by the experiments. However, he was more concerned because a non-characterized bacterium with significant pathogenic potential had also been sprayed over the population. There were demands from public and parliamentarians for the guarantee that such experiments would never take place again. The government would not give this guarantee. Rather, it promised that new experiments on a still larger scale might be necessary - to protect the population against biological warfare!!

That promise is now apparently being fulfilled with chemtrail activity. At the meeting of the American Society for Microbiology, lead researcher Dr Alexander Michaud from Montana State University said: "Bacteria that can be grown in the laboratory were found in the embryo, the first part of a development of a hailstone." The discovery suggests that airborne microorganisms play a leading role not just in the hail, but also in other weather conditions by acting as 'nucleating particles'. The new find helps to confirm the suspicion that in many cases living microorganisms cause rain to fall. The necessary bacterial medium for bacterial geoengineering has now been developed.

A highly respected scientist, Clifford Cranicom, reports from a meeting between an investigative specialist and a well-placed military source: 1. The operation is a joint project between the Pentagon and the pharmaceutical industry. 2. The Pentagon wishes to test biological diseases for war purposes on unsuspecting populations. It was stated that SARS is a failure as the expected rate of mortality was intended to be 80%. 3. The pharmaceutical industry is making trillions on medications designed to treat both fatal and non-fatal diseases given to populations. 4. The bacteria and viruses are freeze-dried and then placed on fine filaments for release. 5. The metals released along with the diseases heat up from the sun, creating a perfect environment for the bacteria and viruses to thrive in the air supply. 6. Most countries being sprayed are unaware of the activities and they have not consented to the activities. He states that commercial aircraft flying are one of the delivery systems. 7. Most of the "players" are old friends and business partners of the senior Bush. 8. The ultimate goal is the control of all populations through directed and accurate spraying of drugs, diseases, etc. 9. People who have tried to reveal the truth have been imprisoned and killed.

The question remains: Why, when there is no global warming? The elite behind it have a panicky fear of overpopulation - as revealed in an article in The Times. Acc. to their Georgia Guide Stones and statements from elitists like Ted Turner, there should be no more than 500 million people on this planet. The bacteria can also be used to create deadly storms and climate impacts as can HAARP. These circles want to "own the weather", says one of their reports. Read more...

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hi! great piece. Can you please edit the spelling of Clifford Carnicom's name.

His movie, Aerosol Crimes is an excellent and authoritative work in this area.

by the way, some "other" internet theorists are dead wrong about some sort of plot to sicken the West; there are Chemtrails in China. I've seen them ever since 2006, when my mother first informed me about chemtrails. I saw them yesterday, and the day before yesterday here in Beijing, too. I saw them in Thailand while on vacation there, too. That really saddened me. I think may be no unaffected place on earth anymore.

the researcher is Clifford CARNICOM

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