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ADHD: Strattera Death Count Continued - 150 Reports of Deaths, 64 were Children


( May 14, 2011 --

A new report about deaths in connection with the ADHD drug Strattera shows:

122 cases of death with Strattera as Primary Suspect Drug reported to the FDA, 2004 - 2010. See

150 cases of death with Strattera as Primary Suspect Drug or involved reported to the FDA, 2004 - 2010.

64 children and teenagers have died, 31 of them committed suicide. See summary

The children getting Strattera can be expected to be healthy normal children and in this group of "patients" there SHOULD BE extremely low morbidity and mortality.

As seen above it is not: 64 children and teenagers who got Strattera "for ADHD" are reported to HAVE DIED.

Parents consulting psychiatrists are told their children are suffering from a "chemical imbalance" in the brain and that Strattera (and other ADHD drugs) will correct that. This is a fraudulent statement. Parents who are told that story should ask for a laboratory test. They would then get to know that there is no test available; that the statement about chemical imbalance is just speculation.

As there is nothing medically wrong with these children to begin with (the drugs cannot be prescribed to children with known physical diseases) the harmful effects seen are DRUG INDUCED - they are not any form of "underlying disease" showing up. The heart disorders, the liver disorders, the seizure disorders are caused by the drugs. The "psychiatric symptoms" showing up - suicidality, aggression, mania and psychosis with hallucinations - are TOXIC EFFECTS OF THE DRUGS.

The responsible medical authorities (FDA in US, UK MHRA in Europe) have not done an independent investigation of all the cases of death - they do not even have a compilation of these. They have so far relied on data and analyses from the manufacturer Eli Lilly, who is only interested in one thing: To explain away all instances of death and increase profits.

The FDA and MHRA have failed to protect children from the harmful effects caused by this drug - and they have not even cared to do an investigation of all the reported cases of death.

Janne Larsson

Reporter - investigating psychiatry