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Is this for real, or just more smoke and mirrors – Big Pharma Executive being prosecuted by DOJ for obstruction of justice & lies

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November 10, 2010


The Big News in Pharma-land is that the DOJ is going after a former GSK lawyer/Exec for a myriad of crimes which could lead to a Fashionable Federal Prison Jump Suit & a very long stay at a Martha Steward Foo Foo Club Fed. The question still remains if this scum bag exec does go to trial and is convicted (or sings like a Canary); what effect this might have on the World Wide Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel Criminal business as usual model?

From the rumblings being heard around the Pharma CEO world it appears this maybe a circle the wagons strategy developing orgy with a huge PR campaign of “we need to be more open and listen themes” while prospects of huge corporate take overs, turf wars, and more profits shine like stars in their beady & greedy CEO eyes ( read here–> AstraZeneca CEO: Pharma Must Be Open, Work With Stakeholders – and here Glaxo sees more industry consolidation - Pharma Not Well Equipped to Handle a PR Cyber Storm-VOX

For a little back story)

This all sounds like a big wonderful hug fest & one giant “can’t we all just get along” moment for all those that have been watching these corporate crimes being waged against society and humanity go unchecked for decades now. But the caution bells are ringing in distance as we have learned the hard way many times before with Big Pharma; words are always cheap, while honesty & accountability is something of an abomination to the holy pharmaceutical corporate stone tablet creed.

So as they say, the proof will lay/lie in the pudding. Will AstraZeneca finally do the right thing when it’s comes to the many thousands injured by Seroquel, will J&J make good on the Risperdal crime settlements and get clean/sober, will GSK come in with a apology mop with groveling pledges of restitution and pay outs for damage caused by Paxil, Wellbutrin, Avandia, as we just name a few of the many ongoing Big Pharma Cartel horrendous criminal actions that have seriously harmed or killed consumers.

If you believe the sweet smell of change is in the air, you might want to ask/consider why is Big Pharma trying to close the honesty door at the same time they are saying they want it to be wide open? read here–>And Here Is The SEC Whistleblower Program

Now if one was to place this in the framed context that Big Pharma is still pumping huge amounts of money into the drug influence game involving doctors and research here—> and here–>

Or here where they continue funding front marketing groups – AstraZeneca Funds DBSA and AstraZeneca funds NAMI - as stellar examples.

One might would get the distinct impression that Big Pharma has no intention of changing their profitable criminal ways, or their seedy business as usual model. Definitely give us all some food for thought as the DOJ finally appears on it’s face to be taking some substantive action against the world largest criminal organization.


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