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German Doctor writes to Obama: US Healthcare System can be Saved

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Dr Johann Georg Schnitzer, a German doctor who is into natural health options rather than just the treatment of disease, has expressed what many advocates of good nutrition and prevention know all too well. The current health care system, and the US is not an exception here, is chasing the wrong incentives.


Having profit as a goal is quite natural as it is a widespread economic "reality", but in the case of healthcare, if profit means more sick people bring more profit, that economic constraint pushes us in the wrong direction. The result is that healthcare world wide has become just too expensive to pay for, even for the economies of economic powerhouses like the US and other "developed" countries.

Instead of going to the root of the problem, we try to ration health care, we try to force pharmaceutical companies to lower the prices of their products, we try to force everyone to pay into an "insurance" fund so as to make the exaggerated costs halfway bearable. But our patchwork efforts are not going to solve the problem of deteriorating health and rising costs. The economic interests that need our illnesses for their survival are just too powerful.

Dr Schnitzer's message gives us some of the necessary background:

Diseases of civilization in a population do not increase in linear progression, they grow in relatively sudden jumps. The reasons for this are

a) that there is a time factor. The incubation time that passes from the moment of a change of diet from natural to refined foods until the appearance of nutrition-related diseases of civilization has been researched by T. L. Cleave and G. D. Campbell. It is approximately 20 years. The only early warning sign is tooth decay.

b) that health is a great biological capital which cannot be entirely squandered in a single generation. Three generations are necessary for that. The first generation will merely suffer from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and the illnesses that arise as a consequence of it. The second generation is already born with some faults, their teeth are out of alignment, there are skeletal deformations and accelerated growth (stature is taller and too thin) and higher susceptibility to chronic infectious illnesses. The third generation is increasingly handicapped, functional difficulties (impaired hearing, difficulties writing, weak concentration and learning ability) abound, there is an increasing inability to procreate.

c) that the organism's regulatory and immune systems are keeping normal functionality going to the maximum extent possible, even under difficult circumstances. When that maximal resilience is breached, we see the sudden appearance, the sudden spread of yet another one of the chronic and degenerative diseases of civilization.

d) that the application of wrong - merely symptomatically acting - counter-measures is heavily promoted, the current 'disease system' is looking for ever new possibilities to increase its business (such as ever larger numbers and ever earlier vaccinations and other "treatments") and the negative consequences of this (they are called "side effects") result in further sudden deterioration of general health.

e) that the market for non natural and at times species-incompatible nutrition and its promotion through the media is ever increasing and works towards a worldwide monopolization of the food supply.

Such a breakdown for the worse has now happened in mental capacity in the US (and there is no hope that we will escape the same fate here in Europe).

Dr Schnitzer's message to President Obama shows how the US health system might be diverted from its current ruinous course ...

- - -

Subject: Effective and true Health Care

Mr. President Obama!

Already on January 21 (2009) I have emailed you the following information, but didn't yet receive a response. Now, after you turn your attention to the Health Care System, I write you again.

Your goal is to improve Health Care quality and reduce its costs. That's where I offer you my support, based on my scientific and practical experience of the last 50 years in this field.

In short:

Why is the US "Health Care System" so expensive? Because it doesn't care about health. It cares about diseases. It lives upon diseases. It's a "Diseases Care System". It cares to maintain and even to increase diseases and costs (being its revenues) - by "treating" instead of curing the most widespread diseases. In truth, a real natural health (which is feasible) of the US population would be the "Worst Case Scenario", the Armageddon for this "Health Care System", in which the permanent "Conflict of Interest" is hidden and ignored, but immanent.

It's said in the media about your new administration: "That's not a transition - that's a transformation!" In the case of Health Care, even transformation isn't sufficient. Because the term "Health Care" has lost its honesty. Therefore, it's better to leave it as it is, with some marginal improvements (cheaper, more effective), and start something new, something unprecedented, for instance something named

"Disease Control and Prevention Commission (DCPC)", developing and carrying out a "Disease Control and Prevention Strategy (DCPSt)".

This Commission, the members of which must be highly independent from every conflict of interest, will monitor all acute and chronic diseases in the US population, pregnancy failures, and every signs of degeneration and handicaps in offspring, and the Commission will find out and publish the causes. The Commission also will study and promote the preconditions for optimal health and optimal reproduction in the following generations. The Commission too will recommend measures to the Government to apply its findings, in order to stop causes of diseases and degeneration, and to increase the preconditions of health and healthy reproduction.

Because I know most of the causes of chronic diseases and degeneration, and also most of the preconditions of natural health, I can help you to save years of time and billions of money - and together we can reach the next level of Civilization, a Civilization without the diseases of civilization, a goal which I have published the first time in 1963. America can be the first and leading Nation worldwide to realize this transformation of mankind.

Looking forward to your response.

With high respect to your efforts -

sincerely yours

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer

- - -

Dr Schnitzer's website

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