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How AIDS Didn't Become a Kissing Disease

As you may know, AIDS is a heterogenous collection of over thirty diseases, well known before anyone even thought of acquired immune deficiency. Those diseases have been lumped together for the sole reason of concurrent infection with a weakly defined "retroviral particle" called HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. AIDS is not a disease, it is a new definition given to a number of known illnesses.

There is immune weakness and it is due to a variety of lifestyle factors. The HIV virus, which has never been shown to express any virulent or destructive capacity (contrary to public belief it has never been shown to kill T cells) has little or nothing to do with Aids.


Retroviral particles under the electron microscope

Yet expensive and highly toxic medications are given to those who "test" positive for two types of protein. Most AIDS patients today do not die from immune weakness but from the side effects of the medications, which include cancer, heart failure and liver disease.

How did we ever get it this wrong?

The following article looks at the early studies and the reasoning that led to a public announcement of having located "the probable cause of AIDS" in a virus particle that had neither been properly defined nor been described in any published study. More than 25 years and tens of billions of dollars later, no vaccine has been developed, and we still treat people with immune weakness with drugs that will further weaken them.

"Twenty-five years of AIDS research have demonstrated the following: Gallo's "HTLV-III" has no particular, reproducible size or gene sequence; the proteins that are supposed to belong to it and it alone are found in almost every human disease and condition. The "LAV/HTLV-III/HIV" proteins and gene sequences have to be cobbled together through 'consensus agreement' among different labs because while fishing in beaten-up cell cultures, researchers always find different things to call "HIV."

Finally, "HIV" in any or all of its forms, has never been shown to even remotely affect T-Cells, which is the only meaningful prediction of AIDS theory. But none of this has mattered to AIDS researchers, because AIDS theory is about fear, politics and social control, and has never been about science."

If you care about someone who has been diagnosed with Aids or if you yourself have been told you are infected, or if you are just plain curious, you might want to delve into the history unfolding here. As long as we ignore the details, we will not be able to overcome ... either the illness or the serious consequences, associated with the "cure".

Oh and ... you should know that what you are about to read may make you angry, either at the author or at the people who push an indefensible paradigm, a medical doomsday scenario that is kept alive by billions upon billions of dollars, completely out of proportion with the spending for diseases that really do kill, like heart disease and cancer or even malaria and just plain old intestinal infections from dirty water...

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How AIDS Didn't Become a Kissing Disease

AIDS is the most well-known disease category in the world. It is diagnosed by HIV tests, which are supposed to be accurate. The tests are supposed to find a retroviral particle, "HIV," which is supposed to be unique, and kill a subset of white blood cells called T-Cells. But, Is any of it true?

by Liam Scheff

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