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April 23 - Day for Rethinking Aids

It is Rethinking Aids Day - 23 April 2010.


The official story on Aids remains unchangingly disastrous.

We have tests that don't test for a virus (but for some rather unspecific stress proteins).

We have "hit them early and hard" treatment with a highly toxic drug cocktail, no prevention other than condoms and circumcision.

We have "Aids" in Africa where malaria, malnutrition and intestinal infections make the Aids test read positive more often than not.

Our Aids research practically omits nutrition, it omits clean water and it omits drugs (except for "dirty needles") as a possible causative factor.

Cures could be found out but known solutions are not applied, unless they are wildly profitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

Against this background, I would like to propose for your reading the findings of a friend who has a completely different view of the epidemic and what could be done about it with comparatively simple means - nutrients and better foods.

Here is what Cal Crilly's restless mind has worked out over these last few weeks just in time for Rethinking Aids Day 2010 ...

- - -

The Unified Theory Of Disease

by Cal Crilly

Or in other words the Castle Wall Theory of Disease as I call it to sound less pompous.

It's 2.22am in the morning on the 22nd of April 2010 in Brisbane in Australia.
My 8gig computer with a pre-year 2000 processor has just switched on.

To make it go I have to press F1 after half a minute when it freezes, then it gives the frozen blue 'WELCOME' screen at which point I press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to make it finally work. (My screen saver is a lovely picture of Brighton Pavilion in England with two hedge sculptures of grown elephants and their two baby elephants in the Brighton Museum park in front of the Pavilion, in the picture are 3 couples in and around the sculpture with prams and 3 children under the Elephants, two of the women are pregnant, one of the couples is chatting while looking at their mobiles.)

The current Pacific Standard Time then on the computer says 12.09.13am on January the 1st 1998. This is because I type with 2 fingers and I'm actually shaking because it's 17 degrees Centigrade with 90% humidity and I'm wearing a beanie with a flannelette shirt and coat to keep warm, actually I think I'll make a cup of peppermint tea first and get a blanket because my legs are still freezing.

My computer was never affected by the Y2K crisis because it wasn't attached to the net in the year 2000 and I never bothered since as it has a 1998 processor and old USB port.

It was online for a while but froze all the time and back then it had a 2gig harddrive.

I don't really even need the net to write this because I woke up before and my incessantly chattering head just worked out the pieces of the puzzle to life, disease and what viruses and retroviruses actually are ... I just boiled the kettle and got a blanket. Ooh I think I need my CD Walkman as this will still take a while and I'm not really in any rush to do anything now.

My legs are finally OK and it's now 2.50am and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are blaring Weapon of Choice in my ears, my favourite song because my weapons are this computer, a 2gig USB chip and the Google and email at my computer at work.

I have to thank to my company for their incredibly tolerant attitude for allowing Internet access at work which has enabled me to peruse almost 30,000 studies on PubMed since 2003.

I also have to thank Andrew Maniotis from the Genomics laboratories at the University of Illinois in Chicago for being a mentor and giving the most important feedback ever.
Also to Fred Greenwood from the US.

He emailed me 2 months ago out of the blue and started this spiral, it was his paragraph last Thursday that put the last pieces in place because both Fred and Andy know more about Genomics than I do, this is because Fred is a 70 year old HIV positive with a missing Methylation Gene so he has been on a quest to work himself out.
Also thanks to Beth Newman, Head of QUT research up until 2007 who's feedback when I showed her my HERV and Methylation Activity Ratio patent was vital.
Also the famous AIDS dissident Dr Matthias Rath along with Linus Pauling now dead who's work on Collagen, Heart Disease and Cancer is also pivotal.

Thanks also to Harold Foster who I swapped many emails with until his sudden death last year on 15th August last year, I only found out this week, his last email to me said.
"They won't listen to you Cal, if it can't be patented they don't care"
Well now they will have to won't they Harry?
Now I can start.

Retroviruses are reversed DNA from our Cells.

Some obviously have function.

Viruses are reversed DNA from our cells and all mammalian cells.

Hence viruses are our DNA simply reversed by Reverse Transcriptase to become RNA
Most of our disease originates from our own bodies as retroviruses/viruses come out of our genome and then land in the wrong places.

This is caused by a process called DNA Hypomethylation which is a feature of EVERY disease known to man.

Even exposure to Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, Drugs, Chemicals and Heavy Metals which do come from outside our DNA causes DNA Hypomethylation so it therefore is logical to treat Hypomethylation of our genome to stop ALL diseases.

There is a Chemical called S-Adenosylmethionine that is needed to Methylate all DNA and keep our retroviruses in check.

Or in other words S-Adenosylmethionine is needed to stop our DNA from reversing itself and turning into retroviruses or apparently infectious viruses.

They are not really infectious though if someone has been drinking too much and not eating properly then viruses appear from their lungs and this can be passed on to people in the near airborne vicinity and if the 'infected' people have also been drinking and eating to much junk food then they are likely to get sick, this event is called a FLU.

As in their reversed DNA becomes dangerous if they cough it onto someone else.

If a person unwittingly does nothing dietary to fix up their levels of S-Adenosylmethionine then they will stay sick and may continue to do so until they get Cancer and Herpes infections from Collagen destruction accompanying this phenomenon.

Another word for this is AIDS because AIDS patients in the West die from Herpes infections and Cancers of all sorts of organs which are then complicated by highly toxic immune damaging cytotoxic drugs and the administering of way too much Cortisone which then switches off the T-cell immune response.

AIDS patients in Africa are starving and hence low in S-Adenosylmethionine, they also have to deal with further Hypomethyaltion of their DNA from Tuberculosis and Malaria and the rest. They also tend to be wallowing in filth from a complete lack of sanitation and no provision of clean water supplies.

On top of that Environmental laws often are not applied to Africans in the false belief that they are dying from HIV/AIDS so all of the Pollution from Mining and Oil Exploration adds to this deadly cocktail of disease.

Add the economic collapse of their health system from diverting all the health care funding from real infectious Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites to the fight against HIV and we have perpetual illness resulting in millions of deaths.

S-Adenosylmethionine is made from Selenium, Folic Acid, B12, B6 and Choline in the main so a pill with this formulation will fix all of this up.

I now use a 2.5 Billion year old algae called Chlorella to do this.

It's cheaper than making a pill.

By raising S-Adenosylmethionine levels the retroviruses and viruses are kept inert and cease to cause disease.

Or in other words since retroviruses and viruses are the same things and caused by exposed cellular DNA reversing itself then S-Adenosylmethionine simply stops it all.

Cells are exposed by destruction of our Collagen.

Collagen is our skin and arteries and everything that holds us together against the elements.

When we get exposed to Bacteria, Fungus, Parasites, Drugs, Chemicals and Heavy Metals these outside influences destroy our collagen allowing unfettered access to our DNA from Bacterial, Fungal, Parasitical reversed DNA or retroviruses/viruses.

They have DNA that can reverse too, that's why Mozzies suck.

It also allows our own DNA to start reverse transcribing and this also becomes infectious retroviruses/viruses of our own origin.

This is how we evolve as the whole mad jumble is making us change.

Our obsession with mining gold and chemistry has probably been the primary reason why we mutated so much and became who we are.

I guess it got me here.

Linus Pauling the Chemist who won the Nobel Prize on two occasions sorted out the Collagen problem in humans around 1994 just before he died.

His student and co-worker Matthias Rath in these studies has continued to this day preaching the importance of adding the right nutrients to make our Collagen.

This is because ALL diseases are accompanied by destruction of Collagen.

Dr Rath has been vilified by mainstream medicine and the media for being brave enough to run massive leaflet campaigns in South Africa warning the people there about the deadly risk of taking AIDS drugs.

Collagen is made by two building blocks in the main.

They are Lysine an amino acid that humans can't make and Vitamin C that humans, monkeys, guinea pigs and birds can't make and have to find in the diet.

Lysine and Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid makes Collagen and our skin and arteries.

They can be obtained from Mung Beans and Fish for Lysine.

Lemons, Limes, Oranges and some other fruits for Vitamin C.

Linus Pauling made the initial pictures of the DNA chain that Watson and Crick used to make their model of DNA, without Linus we wouldn't have had the genome project.

Without Kary Mullis another AIDS dissident we wouldn't have had the genome project.

Kary Mullis invented the PCR Machine or Polymerase Chain Reaction machine which enables amplifying of small amounts of DNA.

This is why he is an AIDS dissident because he said HIV was too small and not there in large enough numbers to cause disease.

HIV is likely to be a Lymphatic T-cell retrovirus or T-cell DNA reversed when not enough S-Adenosylmethionine is available because of a bad diet.

I am the only person to point this out repeatedly since May 2006 which is why I have an application for a patent, now expired, at the Brisbane patent office to measure levels of S-Adenosylmethionine against total levels of Reverse Transcriptase the enzyme used by retroviruses/viruses and used by DNA to reverse itself.

I used two off the shelf tests to make a ratio to work out if low S-Adenosylmethionine causes retroviruses to come out of our genome or if high S-Adenosylmethionine keeps them inert, these experiments are being done by Andrew Maniotis as I've told him what experiments are needed to be done, I'm sure he'll work out more, I work in despatch.

As in I pack boxes and send them overseas but love the job anyway.

I also led a sole campaign on the Mail and Guadian newspaper forum with a blog called 'Sticking Up For Dr Rath', now deleted where I told Africans to eat Brazil nuts or Garlic for Selenium and to eat Mung Beans and Fish for Lysine while squeezing the odd lemon for Vitamin C.

I have never swapped emails with Dr Matthias Rath but I am friends with his friend Anthony Brink, the lawyer who courageously tried to litigate against Glaxo-Kline for the death of one of his colleagues in South Africa after taking the AIDS drug AZT, I did an interview at Brisbane's 4ZZZ radio with Anthony Brink in 2004.

HIV is a lymphatic retrovirus then inside all of our lymphatic tissue, it is reversed lymphatic DNA which only reverses transcribes after S-Adenosylmethionine gets low and the cell wall made of Collagen allows it to be exposed.

It has always been there for millions of years.

Herpes is a Nerve Sheath Collagen retrovirus or reversed DNA Nerve Sheath Collagen which generally appears after exposure to heavy metal or chemicals.

Arginine affects this genomic problem by interfering with Lysine, it may have another effect too on the genome, this is not in my knowledge arena at the moment but Andrew and Fred can work that out.

This is why foods high in Arginine such as Corn, Maize, Chocolate, Eggs and Beer give you Herpes attacks.

And even Smallpox can be inactivated and made inert by starving it of Arginine.

Chickenpox is a Skin Collagen retrovirus or reversing Skin Collagen DNA.

Smallpox is a double mutation of Skin Collagen DNA reversing itself.

As in unheeded reverse transcription of exposed Skin Collagen DNA allows it to become highly pathogenic to other people as well until levels of S-Adenosylmethionine are used to stop it reversing and Lysine and Vitamin C are added to make Collagen and surround it with functioning skin and keep this Skin Collagen retrovirus inert.

The effect of a vaccine is to add a similar retrovirus/virus to a person which cancels out the original 'infection' though it only works on someone with the disease active at the time of immunization, the effect on a healthy population is to give everybody a virus and the people who survive the immunization then have 'herd' immunity.

Oh dear.

This is why the Smallpox vaccine campaigns killed so many people 100 years ago, the people left over just had enough S-Adenosylmethionine and Lysine to stay alive.

Food and farmers have kept Smallpox from coming back but there are new outbreaks of so called Black Pox which is likely to be Skin Collagen DNA reversing itself in starving black people so Smallpox is still here, it's a part of our Genome.

They pretend these outbreaks are not occuring because of course the Smallpox vaccine has got rid of Smallpox.

No... food has got rid of Smallpox.

Black Pox is likely to be a genetic variant of Skin Collagen in black people.

Some Cancer researchers including Andrew Maniotis have successfully reversed tumor growth by using Herpes viruses so this now answers the Global Hypomethylation of DNA v's Global Hypermethylation question of DNA in tumors.

The cancer is caused by a lack of S-Adenosylmethionine causing retroviruses to come out of our DNA or allowing our DNA to reverse itself.

The subsequent appearance of these Organ or Cell specific retroviruses or Cell specific DNA is a problem because the jumping genes can land in the wrong places somewhere in our DNA and cause mutations.

They call this the 'Initiation Event' in Cancer.

Once the new DNA has established itself it grows like any normal cellular DNA does but it is surrounded by Trophoblastic Retroviruses which are diverting blood and nutrients to the tumor.

Trophoblastic Retroviruses are the Reversing DNA from the Placenta that gets signals in pregnancy to start tunneling a blood supply for the fetus.

Trophoblastic cells and Trophoblastic Retroviruses are probably just reversed Placental DNA.

The problem for Cancer researchers is that if they add S-Adenosylmethionine to a tumor it stops the retroviruses but the tumor DNA still replicates.

This is why using the appropriate retrovirus from the appropriate DNA of the particular organ affected they can in effect break down a tumor by reversing it's DNA with similar RNA, it like fighting like with like.

I'll explain.

Cervical cancer is probably caused by jumping Cervical Cancer retroviruses.

But the most likely candidate for reversing these tumors is Cytomegalovirus or Reproductive Collagen reversing itself.

We may need these these high tech solutions to break down a tumor but if you eat Selenium, Folic Acid, B12, B6 and Choline to make S-Adenosylmethionine or eat Lysine with Vitamin C you can stop a cancer from growing yourself.

Africans can use Brazil Nuts and Garlic for S-Adenosylmethionine or Mung Beans and Fish with Lemons to make Collagen and stop the DNA from reversing further and spreading. It's quite simple.

I also use a Pineapple stem extract called Bromelain to tell tumors to shut down.

I call it the new Penicillin because it works as an antibiotic potentiator, it fixes wounds, surgery and burns, I use it to keep off Cortisone.

The Wart virus or Human Papilloma Virus is likely to be Keratin Cells reversing.

This is why women with low Folic acid get Cervical Cancer, low Folic acid initiates cancer by causing hypomethylation of tissue but once the cancer starts and cells start dividing Folic Acid can be dangerous unless Selenium, Lysine or Vitamin C are added because Folic acid speeds up division of the Cancer DNA, it's like having a baby in the wrong place.

So the cancers of tissues are like this....

Lymphatic Collagen cancers are caused by Epstein Barr virus or Glandular Fever but it is really Lymphatic Collagen reversing itself and out of control.

Glandular Fever is not transmitted unless you have bad diet and kiss someone else with bad diet.

Liver cancers are caused by Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C retroviruses or reversing Liver Cell DNA and generally only affects alcoholics and drug addicts because their livers are Hypomethylating allowing these so called retroviruses to jump around.

Of course the Hep C antibody test only picks up heaps of them and people with liver cancer have the same types of retroviruses happening which can easily be addressed with the right foods.

Parotid Cells or Saliva Gland Cell Cancers are caused by Mumps which is Parotid Cells DNA reversing.

Lung Epithelial Cells or Lung Cancers are caused by Adenoviruses or Lung Epithelial Cell DNA reversing but since we cough Adenoviruses onto each other all the time you might be giving your friends and relatives cancer if they don't have a good enough diet to stop their lung tissue from exposure to outside reversing DNA.

Mucus Cell Cancers are caused by Rhinoviruses which is why ill people with gastro are really annoying if they come into work.

Intestinal Epithelial Cell Cancers are caused by Rotavirus, same annoying thing.

Nerve Cell Cancers are caused by Polio or reversing DNA from Nerve Cell Cancers.

The other word for Polio now is called Alzheimer's Disease.

Brain Cell Cancers are almost always caused by chemicals and heavy metals because it's harder for jumping retroviruses/viruses to get through the brain barrier.

Mad Cow Disease is cause by heavy metal poisoning, so were the Yellow Fever epidemics in the last century.

We should expect all sorts of Syndromes like Autism, Dementia and Parkinson's Disease from the continued poisoning of our nerves and brains from the toxic environment we live in to rise in the future until these eco problems are actually addressed with the right funding.

Ebola is Endothelial Cells Hypomethylating out of control without Selenium to stop their mutation from first Measles and then into Ebola.

Also it only happens in starving people without enough foods and proteins to get Lysine or Vitamin C to stop Endothelial Cells reversing and getting exposed due to Collagen loss which causes bleeding all by itself anyway.

Ebola only happens in low Selenium soils zone.

The other worst ones around are South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Australia, this is why native populations in these places look like they have HIV/AIDS.

They are starving and their food supply is not stopping retroviruses coming out.

White fat people in these places don't get AIDS.

Only drug addicts get AIDS, and Prostitutes unlike popular opinion would make you believe don't get AIDS because they get enough money to eat.

Junkie Prostitutes only get AIDS.

Gays get AIDS from Benzene in sexual Lubricants, breathing Poppers and from being continually told to take the HIV test so if they turn up with a plain old flu at the time of test they look like they have HIV/AIDS.

They also were given so much Cortisone well why were we surprised that their immune systems failed?

It's easy to eat the right food and then go back to become negative.

I'm a friend of a lady who became pregnant while on holiday in Europe and the horrible paranoid French doctors tested her to be HIV positive and then harassed her to abort the baby so she did.

I fortunately was on the email list watching this story and pointed out to her that retroviruses appear in pregnancy and since she aborted they would be gone so to eat Selenium, Folic Acid, B12, B6 and Choline foods and then retest as the retroviruses would have gone back into her DNA.

She's now fabulously HIV negative.

And having fun running a crazy café.

The implications of all this are enormous.

We have to stop all virus immunizations immediately.

All the screaming so called hippie mums who watched their children either die or turn into vegetables need compensation and they have been proved right.

The Gardasil campaign has to be stopped immediately before any more teenage and girls in their 20's die suddenly or again get turned into vegetables.

Genetically Modified Crops have to be banned before they do things like insert bizarre Genes into our DNA or into Bee Colonies that are now dying off rapidly near GMO crops.

I mean our entire food supply is at risk of collapsing soon if Bees die off and cannot pollinate flowers each spring.

All the AIDS drugs will have to be banned.

Almost the entire Cancer, Arthritic, and Autoimmune drug cupboard has just been outdated with this self-evident information.

Benzene will have to be removed from the petrol supply and replaced with lead again but this time with a filter over the exhaust pipe as Dr Warren the inventor of the Black Box said we should have done in the first place.

The entire pesticide catalog will have be banned and safely disposed of before Organophosphates and the like cause any more brain damage, mutations and cancers.

Farming will have to be replaced by Permaculture which is an amazing Australian innovation that will feed the world at 10 times the rates we do now.

Mining will have to be conducted in a clean and safe way to stop Metal poisoning causing all of the environmental destruction that poisons both miners and communities involved.

I want to see Uranium all put back in the ground, Depleted Uranium Weaponry as used by the US, British and Israeli governments at the moment must be banned outright and sanctions put on those countries if they don't obey the wishes of the world.

That one is for Lynn whose husband fought in the first Gulf War, was poisoned terribly with DU and deserves better.

We'll do our best to fix him up Lynn.

This is not a rant from a hippie.

This is the biggest investor call out ever to be shouted aloud from a single person.

We now have the technology and the understanding to literally create a paradise on earth while playing as much Playstation and Wii and watching our new 3D TV's while wearing as much gold and silver as we like.

Hehe, just remember wearing too much bling might give you brain damage and Herpes attacks.

It's all in the will power to say we can fix this and then spending the money on doing so.
Moi Thoughts.

Cal Crilly.

It's now 6.14 and I'd better get ready for work, it's going to be a hell of a day and we have visitors to impress and sell a heap of things to....(:

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Can I finally declare the Inquisition and phobia of things we don't have a clue about is over?

Yay and alright.... rock on

The Circus has taken over the Square

Fred Greenwood's thoughts on this today

I LOVE it - keep up the great work/thinking Cal and don't let anyone, or anything stop you. I have studied fusogenetics, HERV-W and agree with you and Andy.

Further, I believe we are all throwbacks epigenetically from 25-65 million years ago when oxygen levels were lower, and when our oxygen gets too low causing endothelial dysfunction as in infections during placenta feeding, prior to cancer and neurological viral infection/trauma, we revert back to that time via hypomethylation, but today's oxygen levels cause oxidation. SOD/collagen and mitochondrial depletion and MMP's causing cancer, joint damage, atherosclerosis and neurological problems.

What I am suggesting is that it is ambient and blood oxygen levels which control disease. RNA and DNA reflect endogenous ambient oxygen levels in the chromatin based on years ago/evolution; and blood oxygen is determined by endothelial function, lung function and ambient content.

All disease is caused by oxidation as a result of the ongoing conflict between the past and present (evolutionary factors), our environment (diet, location, exercise, supplements) and our pathogen state, primarily viral.

Hypomethylation results from the low oxygen, usually caused by viral infection (which results in immune dysfunction) but also Homocysteine, drugs, toxins, vaccines, trauma, bacterial and fungal infections and stress which cause red blood cell and eNOs dysfunction, which causes cancer, AIDS, etc. from HERV-W.

Bromelain and Feverfew resolve endothelial dysfunction, IKKb and TNFAlpha; and TMG takes care of homocysteine.

Lysine, Vit C and Selenium protect immune function/deacetylation and are MMP inhibitors to protect collagen.

N-Acetyl Cysteine for Cysteine and L-Glutathione to protect the chromatin - also Green Tea Extract/EGCG in oil gel caps to protect mitochondria and potassium ion channels. A simple universal health assessment biomarker/test is needed for all of this to determine when to supplement/treat and effectiveness of supplements and dosing. The biomarker/test must detect peripheral blood oxygen, blood flow, endothelial dysfunction, immune function, red blood cell morphology and blood pathogens/toxins, blood cancers, premature aging, longevity, pathogen/viral/bacterial presence and damage.

I have identified a universal health assessment which consists of the measuring of CD57 cell antigen and Live and Dry Blood Analyses using the Bradford Microscope and operator training.

The former is a measure of cell activity for all cells which is dependent on all of the biomarker factors mentioned, above, and the latter blood tests screen for 72 medical conditions, including status of SOD/antioxidant/collagen, oxygen level, red blood cell morphology, cancer, neurological, intestinal status, etc.

The Bradford microsope blood tests are being successfully used in China for the masses, along with Herbs. I have personal knowledge and use with these simple tests, and Dr.Bradford, going back 16 years and have found them to be early prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers with sensitivity far exceeding standard blood tests.

Each test has a total cost of $300 in Western Countries, and much less in Third World Countries. These tests focus on peripheral/capillary blood whereas standard medical blood tests focus on arterial blood, which is the greatest hypocrisy of "modern medicine" setting up the use of prescription drugs/toxins to mask symptoms based on erroneous testing of the wrong blood.

I feel we need a health revolution whereby quietly the word gets out as to how to take healthcare back from the Doctors/Pharma/Government to the individual using supplements and simple tests - leaving them to their toxins and health fraud.

All information needed can be made available online accessible by any digital device including cell phones. I have spent 30,000 hours to develop a world wide web Evidence Based Diagnosis and Treatment System (EBDTS) to accomplish this.

Personal data, such as symptoms and test results is included in a PDA device and when this device is connected to the web cloud database of medical conditions, genes, drugs, supplements and pathways; algorithms then determine the most probable diagnosis, tests needed and the most cost effective appropriate natural treatment.

Drugs are used as a last resort with their interactions/side effects shown. The reduced health costs of an EBDTS is it's greatest incentive as it will restore financial health and trade competiveness to Western Countries currently dependent on drug-based medicine.


This is Fred's email on Thursday 15th that started this all....

Low dose benzene causes global hypomethylation of DNA and epigenetic hypermethylation of some genes.

The presence of matrix metalloproteineases, MMP's, in benzene toxic patients shows that the extracellular matrix (ECM) has been affected, namely collagen.

Recent research shows that Histone Deacetylase, an enzyme which affects the ECM, is associated with methylation and that Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors (HDAC) can be used to reverse de-acetylation, methylation and the formation of MMP's.

Therefore, it follows that the damage done by benzene to the ECM could be partly reversed by HDAC's.

Since benzene causes collagen damage, it follows that this damage could be due to Histone Deacetylase enzyme which is associated with methylation.

But Benzene also initiates global hypomethylation and as well as hypermethylation epigenetic changes.

So Benzene makes retroviruses come out but triggers Histone Deacetylase.

(As in it is one big cause of cancer that we are doing almost nothing about.)

Hypomethylation can result in DNA or RNA changes.

Latent Herpes viruses are activated by immune activation which Benzene as a toxin would also do.

Benzene toxin would also release parasite egg sacs from collagen in immuno-compromised people by ECM oxidation/damage which releases MMP's.

If these eggs have a lipid coating it will be removed by the Benzene allowing the egg sacs to break resulting in chronic parasitic infection.

The combination of immune activation and hypomethylation could result in Histones.

Protease Inhibitors used in HIV-1 protocols are Histone Deacetylase inhibitors and MMP inhibitors.

They are called Protease Inhibitors so over time they would stop the release of parasite egg sacs from the ECM stopping the chronic immune affect of Benzene toxicity.


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