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Airlines are ignoring studies revealing toxic effects of contaminated air entering the cabin and cockpit

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April 29, 2010

The unfriendly skies

More government/industry corruption


The problem of contaminated air is not limited to air transportation... inside air is also contaminated by diesel fumes in railroad passenger coaches.

Another common problem is automobile and bus inside air is contaminated by exhaust fumes, especially when stuck in traffic.

To make a bad situation worse are doctors that don't want to believe this is a cause and effect when you're sick, tired and loosing your mind from exposure to the dangerous chemicals in exhaust gas, resulting in lack of oxygen to the brain.

Beyond that more and more people have become sensitive to petro-chemicals that are everywhere and in everything including food additives and prescription drugs... I know this because after being ignored for years by drug pushing doctors I am fortunate to have found doctors that believed me and have some understanding of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Go to for more information on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

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