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The New York Times misses a Monsanto coup over organic farming set in motion by Hillary Clinton.

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Linn Cohen-Cole
February 16, 2009

[Editors' note: Community-Supported Agriculture or C.S.A., is the distribution system in which people buy shares in return for a weekly allotment of local fresh farm food.]

The New York Times ran on a piece on CSAs doing well despite the economy.

Forgive me, I am so boggled by the ironies that my computer is stuttering.

The New York Times is in New York state which is responsible for the fact that CSAs are actually in terrible trouble and that trouble stems directly from a New York source, Hillary Clinton. She pushed a centralized Food Safety Department when she ran for president, one that would bring together the USDA and FDA, giving them vastly more power over food. Both agencies are grossly corrupted by Monsanto so the multiplication of power accrues powerfully to Monsanto.

Senator Clinton is deeply, historically connected to Monsanto. And her and Bill Clinton's association with Monsanto has not been good for the safety of American food and our democracy, and the two are inextricably linked. Her long time advisor and campaign strategist was Mark Penn, CEO of Burson-Marsteller, one of the world's largest PR firms representing Monsanto (Blackwater, ExxonMobil of the Alaska spill, Union Carbide of the Bhopal disaster, the Argentinian junta ...).

The astounding name of one of the bills is so absurd and totalitarian in both its use of fear and its infinite reach, it should have been rejected outright based solely on that:

H. R. 814 "Tracing and Recalling Agricultural Contamination Everywhere Act of 2009."

In addition, there is HB875 and a Senate bill introduced by Sherrod Brown. The supporters of H. R. 814 were all strong supporters for president (as was Sherrod Brown).

DeLauro is married to prominent Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg, who was President Bill Clinton's chief pollster from 1991 to 1994. Bordallo supported Clinton in Guam.

Degette On November 26, 2007, DeGette announced her endorsement of Senator Hillary Clinton for president, and was named national co-chair of Clinton's Health Care Policy Task Force and adviser on stem-cell research.

Nadler endorsed Clinton for president.

In essence, the bills entail a hidden takeover and then forced industrialization of small farming - and that would include organic CSAs - by the industrial side.

Here is a farmer's alert to his local anti-NAIS group:

Hello friends, Have you all read federal HB814 and HB875? If not better take a look. Seems we are looking at NAIS on steroids.

814 is bad, 875 is awful, it creates a new food safety department that seems to take some power from USDA&FDA and who knows what else?

It has language in it that appears to turn our farms into food production facilities and allows them to decide our feed ratios and types as well as our animal health regime and whether or not and with what we can fertilize our ground, sounds worse than NAIS to me, the wording is vague and probably intentionally so. [My emphasis.]

This is the end of organic farming.

There is no frontal assault, it is done insidiously, through "entering" it and using government regulations and criminal penalties ($500,000 and 10 years in prison) to simply make it industrial. And for the well-being of Monsanto and industrial agricultural corporations, it will require purchase of agrochemical and pharmaceuticals.

Quite simply, one government required spraying of pesticides and an organic farm, no matter how productive and safe, is finished instantly.

The shell will be "organic" but its insides will be Monsanto.

Under the outrageous threat of "agricultural contamination everywhere" and using "food safety" as a weapon against the farmers actually producing our only safe food, Monsanto has used Hillary Clinton's connections in the state of New York and elsewhere to introduce bills that are literally fascist in their implications and by definition.

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini

That the New York Times should be reporting the success of CSA just as these destructive bills from its own representatives are being introduced and the brainchild of its ex-Senator, is a glimpse of the extreme disconnect between urban elite and eager organic consumers, and the horrors occurring through the USDA and FDA to ensure that "organic" will be "organic" in name only, its farms and its food content thoroughly industrial.

This is similar to the underhanded move that Bill Clinton made during his administration when he introduced rBGH through an FDA headed by Monsanto and would not label it (farmers were being sued for honest labeling by Monsanto and the FDA didn't stop that). That left only organic food as a last way around unknown danger. But Bill tried to close that escape with new "organic" standards which included the dirty three: genetic engineering of plants/animals, food irradiation, and sewage sludge as fertilizer. The USDA backed down only after a public response 20 times greater than to anything before.

"Shortly before the end of the comment period, the nation's biotechnology leader, Monsanto, advised the USDA to back off temporarily on trying to include gene-altered products under the organic label for a three-year period and then to try again."

The plan has been transformed. After years of suing farmers for honest labeling and trying to establish dishonest ones and pushing laws around the country to ban labeling altogether, a new approach is now being set in motion. Rather than trying to co-opt the goodness of organic food by hiding the dangers of GMOs under an organic label or no labels, Monsanto is intending to take over all small farms including organic ones, control farmers into non-existence through sadistically inappropriate bureaucracy and regimes applied to a natural system (that is working well), through draconian penalties and fear of prison, and through forced application of industrial chemicals and drugs.

It's a better plan. It either gets rid of the competition entirely (without confronting it directly) or it forces it to become a captive to Monsanto products.

One must give them credit for brilliance. This is no open battle - tiger against newborn kitten - but a take over of the kitten's body by massive tapeworm.

This is what NAIS is about (utter take-over of functions and the weakening and death that will cause) and now the tapeworm is spreading out into all aspects of farming - vegetables, trees, ... everything normal is set to labeled, digitally fed into massive centralized data banks controlled by the government/Monsanto, and every thing will have to be recorded in minute detail. What seed of what variety from what company after what testing was planted on what day under which conditions on what row recorded where by GPS tracking, and received what chemicals in what amount from what company and how often and with what results and ....

This is fascism applied to farming.

Have any of you gone out to plant seeds, taking the seed packets from last year and some from this year, and put a few here and few there and home made marker to help you remember, enjoying being outside away from computers and paperwork and television and bills and all that things that produce stress? Just you and a few seeds and hope of what will happen.

That is freedom. That is being in nature and it belongs to you, just as it did when you were little and enjoyed playing outside and getting dirty and being a normal child. That freedom and that love of nature is why farmers farm. it is hard work, it is incredibly hard work, but only they and nature control their time. They look out after a hard winter and see the ground has thawed and there is break in the weather, know they need to spend the day planting seeds before it rains. All plans for other things must be put aside. It's a deep companion thing between them and nature.

It is not an industrial thing. It is not a Monsanto thing.

Wonderful, real, caring hard-working farming groups around the country have been fighting for survival against NAIS - on no money, doing legal work themselves, doing documentaries themselves, working (one said) 23 hours a day for years now, while trying to run farms and raise families. You have no idea how brutal this has been for them.

These bills would turn our farmers into Monsanto controlled laborers on their own property, while mandating they purchase their products through federal law.

The industrial side is making us sick and responsible for contamination that spreads through out the food system - pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, steroids, heavy metals. But through Clinton's idea and the bills introduced by her friends, Monsanto and the rest of Big Ag (Cargill, ADM and the rest) are about to get away with the most astounding coup of American farming - using government to actually impose their sickness making industrial system on small farmers who are the ones producing the only health food we have.

This is why Vilsack, Monsanto's crony, was put in. 2009 is the date for locking things up.

They would not only be taking over the food supply but eliminating everything diverse and healthy through massive regulating of every single thing happening on farms - while they, the industrial side, is not even inspected and plays game with all labeling for themselves. They are running the show and Monsanto is dragging down the whole economy and blocking any chance of a local, vibrant organic farming movement to exist.

As the New York Time article intimated, this is the change Obama talked about - and they are green jobs - being eliminated behind the scenes by Clinton, Vilsack and Monsanto.

A whole class of once free people are being taken over and made servants to the industrial system and even trapped sources of funds for it, controlling everything they do.

Here's what they do in all its hard work, love, wonder and ... freedom:

The New York Times has never written a single article on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). The only story on NAIS they have written is a review of French movie by that name. And CSAs they just reported on would be fine and help lead this country out of a massive depression if all the bills out of New York and Ohio were trashed outright.

No, President Clinton, there is no "we." Farmers know the government caused a human disaster (your "free trade" and opening India to Monsanto and the rest has been followed by 180,000 suicides by Indian farmers over the last ten years - but, oh, the profits to Monsanto). What farmers want is for government to stay out of small farming altogether.

Your words sound so contrite - admitting to a colossal blunder and talking about a more environmentally responsible, sustainable form of agriculture." But Monsanto is now using those same words "environmentally responsible," and "sustainable" and in a New Yorker ad, no less, and your "we" is just on to the next massive trick.

Just leave small farmers alone. They know how to farm. And customers are incredibly grateful for their good food.

Those regulations are fine. They are just insanely misapplied to the safest, least centralized, least dangerous part of farming - small local farmers. But they are, though, absolutely perfect for Monsanto and industrial agriculture, multinational corporations which NEED to be massively re-regulated and tracked every minute of every day, and particularly including who their lobbyists visit in government.

But for our small farmers who we are losing the rate of 1000 a month, get the government the hell off their farms. Get them the hell out from under all USDA regulations that in any way at all allow their own corporately corrupted government - now backed up by Homeland Security "surge capacity" strike forces - to threaten, control, register, track, seize, trespass, slaughter, or destroy anything that is theirs.

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Organic food is so much healthier. This means no pesticides, herbicides, foods with the Roundup gene from Monsanto (i.e., Genetically Modified)arrggghhh, and not irradiated to kill all the enzymes. This article in the NY Times is such bad news, I can hardly bear it. No wonder we have such unexplained wierd illnesses and a health crisis here in America. I hope the H. R. 814 and HB875 bills fail in their attempt to "Trace and Recall Agricultural Contamination Everywhere Act of 2009." In addition, there is HB875. These will put our local organic CSA's right out of business instead of helping to boose the economy.

I agree that "One must give them credit for brilliance. This is no open battle - tiger against newborn kitten - but a take over of the kitten's body by massive tapeworm."

I totally agree with the concept of letting small farmers do their own thing. Organic food, which has not been treated with indutrial and pharmceutical chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides etc, tastes batter, is better for you and is wholly sustainable when allowed to flourish.

What the FDA and USDA needs to be doing is to encourage organic farming, and endeavour to convert all industrial farming to organic. The world will be a better place if this was to occur. It might even halt and reverse global warming!

This would not be good for Monsanto and other Agro-Chemical companies, as their profits would evaporate. They should be ploughing their profits into research into finding ways to make organic farming more profitable and encouraging industrial farmers to go organic.

Healthy, good tasting food would be the by-product and everyone would be fitter and healthier, and less prone to the diseases that emanate from industrial food!

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