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Consumers ask Heads of State Accept Irish Referendum

La Leva di Archimede, as part of an alliance of seven non-governmental organizations and political parties, collectively representing citizens from all 27 European Union (EU) countries, is demanding that tomorrow's EU Heads of State Summit accepts the outcome of the recent Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Expressing their deep concern over reports that the EU is planning to ignore the Irish "no" vote and press ahead with massive spending increases to implement the treaty's provisions, they argue that "no" should mean "no." Unless the treaty is abandoned and the interests of the European Union's citizens come before those of multinational corporations, they say that public trust in the European Union and its institutions will be irreparably undermined.

La Leva di Archimede is in favour of a Europe for the people where the voice of citizens counts. Naturally, this means that the voice of the Irish people, expressed in a referendum, should be listened to. "Had other nations held a similar referendum," says Sepp Hasslberger, La Leva's president, "I am sure the Irish would not be alone in having said 'no' to the treaty. The Dutch and the French and several others would have joined them in a 'no' vote. Will Heads of State deepen the democratic deficit of Europe, or will we finally see a new democratic trend?"

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European Consumer Organizations and Political Parties demand that EU Heads of State Summit accepts outcome of Irish referendum