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Aspartame Manufacturer Ajinomoto Sues UK Supermarket Chain, ASDA owned by Walmart, for Removing Chemical from Stores!

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May 11, 2008
By Stephen Fox

This is astonishing!

The world's largest Aspartame and MSG manufacturer, Ajinomoto, has decided to sue ASDA, the UK Supermarket chain, for removing the sale of products containing aspartame, the neurotoxic and carcinogenic artificial sweetener, which was done


Fresh from their many successes, like a Forbes article/puff piece in February, routing the genteel legislative effort in the Hawaii Senate to just ask the FDA Commissioner to rescind the approval for their product in US markets, etc., perhaps Ajinomoto is about to shoot itself in the foot, or more apropos: commit a kind of jurisprudential hari kiri in its efforts to silence ASDA's publicity.

There is a superb article here:

Important new URL for vital recent article by London's Dr. Briffa, with my extensive comments, for your lists to read and please forward to friends, family, and colleagues:

Is it possible that this Japanese firm can be so ignorant as not to yet comprehend what clever consumer protection and product liability and personal injury lawyers can do with the inevitable process of DISCOVERY which results in lawsuits? Please, don't any one tell them: they will be, as Shakespeare put it, "hoisted on their own petard..." when the truth comes out in this lawsuit and in inevitable other eventual lawsuits in many other nations beyond the UK!

Don't forget that ASDA is owned by WalMart which has no shortage of legal funds to fight back on this. I surely hope they won't cave in to the suit from one of the very largest of the Japanese Mega corporations; something comparable to General Motors in size and power is this Ajinomoto, which has so much profit that it is branching into medical products. How can they sit back and let a UK Grocery chain call their chemical poison a negative name like "nasty?" Seems pretty tame for the UK, actually, doesn't it?

Dr. Briffa in the enclosed article does a brilliant job of revealing this basic growing legal controversy, which is going to pit two of the world's largest corporations against eachother. For once, WalMart is decidedly and categorically on the right side....

I have been working for 5 years with medical, legislative, and activist colleagues who have been compiling evidence about aspartame's neurodegenerative effects, all of which are proven, incontrovertible, and even acknowledged by the failing USA FDA, although Commissioner Andrew Von Eschenbach still will do nothing, and only replies to inquiries from legislators and physicians with corporate-pleasing non-sequiturs.

Actually, we have all been hoping for years that Ajinomoto would make such a stumbling and bludgeoning mistake, because we have the evidence to fry them in court, much as the tobacco companies were fried in court, resulting in judgements against them for $235 billion.

They have made the mistake, and now they won't be able to pull out, basically to save face, to product their reputation (they think), and to preserve their flagship chemical product, one of their most profitable.

Within the URL above, there are very excellent search terms for further research by readers into what all of this means for consumers, for their friends, family, and colleagues, especially those addicted to sugarless gum, diet Cokes, and dumping neurotoxins like Equal into their coffee every morning, in case any are beginning to wonder if such could be causing their headaches, etc.

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1 Comment

talk about biting the hand that feeds and who is calling the kettle black? actually a lawsuit might out this monstrosity for public scrutiny. the market and all its coustomers should start a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer for all the right reasons. the latter is interested only in a profitable bottom line and cares not a twit about anyone's health. like all similar criminal enterprises, corporate greed rules. this is a fabulous opportunity to slam the lid shut on this scam. if only united states markets weren't so gutless and did the same. it is a crime against humanity that american sheeple have led themselves to their own slaughter. let's hear it for the long overdue aspartame tea party! remember: if humans created an artificial substance not found in all of nature, eventually your body must rebel and you must suffer the consequences. no earthling can escape this universal law of cause and effect.

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