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Amy Philo

For years, the March of Dimes has warned not to use meds while pregnant. Why now encourage mothers to take drugs?

Please register this extreme objection to the proposed MOTHERS Act (S. 1375) which is now before you in committee. It is my earnest hope that you will immediately defeat this bill in committee. The bill has been brought to you under the guise of ensuring safety or support for new mothers - however, nothing could be further from the truth.

The bill was originally proposed in response to the death by suicide of Melanie Stokes, a pharmaceutical rep. who took her own life by leaping from a balcony several stories off of the ground. Contrary to popular understanding it was not post-partum depression that killed Melanie, but the numerous antidepressant drugs she was taking, which the FDA confirmed double the suicide risk.

Nobody is suggesting that new moms do not ever experience mood swings, depression, or even psychotic episodes. The more important issue is what the effect of this bill will be and why nobody is addressing potential methods of prevention. Everyone knows how many young moms experience gestational diabetes, but who is addressing the even higher rate of gestational hypoglycemia, which often initially manifests as depression? This is a physical condition that is treated with diet and is exacerbated by antidepressants (which list hypoglycemia as a side effect).

To simply screen women for post-partum mood disorders and ensure that they get "treatment," we would be setting families up for the expectation of tragedy and increasing the chances of that actually happening when we refer them to medical "professionals" who are oblivious to the negative mind-altering effects of psychiatric drugs. A popular opinion among medical caregivers these days is that "post-partum mood disorders" must be a sign of an underlying biochemical imbalance and would be corrected with drugs.

Current drugs used on post-partum women include SSRIs, atypical antidepressants, and even antipsychotic drugs. These pose a significant risk to the immediate safety and health of women as well as their children and families. SSRIs carry a black box warning for suicide and the most popular one, Effexor (the same med. Andrea Yates was taking when she drowned her 5 children), has the words “homicidal ideation” listed as a side effect. Nearly every recent case of infanticide which has made news can be clearly linked back to a psychiatric drug. These drugs endanger babies and mothers.

Additionally, the drugs can be extremely addictive and also pose a risk to nurslings or babies exposed in subsequent pregnancies. Some babies have died from SIDS linked to exposure from pregnancy or nursing; others have experienced coma, seizures, GI bleeding, heart defects, lung problems, and many babies died before reaching full term or soon after birth.

The bill does not address the fact that studies show that biological agents (antidepressants for example) cited in the bill and already prescribed to pregnant women can cause congenital heart birth defects where children have had to undergo open-heart surgeries to correct this. Also, some babies are being born with organs outside their bodies, requiring immediate surgery.

In closing I want to re-emphasize the total lack of any real answer to post-partum depression posed by this bill. If we can prevent post-partum depression or support moms through it, or offer proven SAFE and EFFECTIVE natural alternatives to dangerous drugs, then we should. However we should never, ever become party to a pharmaceutical campaign to push drugs on the public. We will set ourselves up for disaster if we allow an invasion into the privacy of every family in the country and suggest to our most vulnerable citizens that they might be mentally ill.

We must do everything in our power to protect innocent children, and giving their mothers addictive drugs which pose a significant risk of causing suicide and violence does not protect anyone. It does cause the child to become addicted while still in the womb and sets up drug dependence which can be lifelong.

We still have no idea what effect most drugs have on developing brains. It might take decades for the impact on the developing brain to become apparent.


Amy Philo



The MOTHERS ACT is a bill before the Senate, already passed by the House with only 3 "no" votes, which sets up a nation-wide screening and "education" campaign to encourage "antidepressant" drugs and other psychiatric drugs to pregnant and new moms. If this passes, we could see similar drugging rates to that of the non-mandated Teen Screen program, which results in prescriptions for 90% of people who take the screening test.

The FDA Confirms that "antidepressant" drugs double the risk of suicide (at minimum) while numerous medical studies suggest the risk of suicide and violence against others is astronomically high on an antidepressant.

Antidepressants have also been proven to be no more effective than placebo. Additionally they pose a serious threat to babies whose mothers take them during pregnancy and nursing, with pregnancy exposure behind many cases of spontaneous abortion, preterm birth, stillbirth, and serious birth defects and SIDS.

The full press release follows.

After you sign this petition, please read and distribute the press release which is found at and go copy the contact information for the 21 senators on the HELP Committee (which still needs to examine the bill before it can be considered by the full Senate).

Please fax, call, and email the committee members, and spread this petition to your friends and loved ones.

Unless you want to see suicides, infanticides, SIDS, heart surgeries for newborns, miscarriage, preterm birth, and fatal PPHN in newborns increase in the USA, not to mention MORE mass murders like the four we have seen in the last week at campuses across the country, you will want to sign the petition and do everything in your power to stop this bill.

The bill was initiated to honor a victim of psychiatric drug-induced suicide whose death has ironically been used to promote a pharmaceutical agenda. It puts all Americans, especially women and children, at risk, and it invades our privacy like never before.

Keep the government OUT of our minds and bodies. Say NO to the MOTHERS Act (S. 1375)!!!

(Note, if you are in favor of 2nd amendment rights, this bill will also endanger your right to have a gun. The screening test will inevitably misdiagnose millions of women, and it's now illegal to buy a gun if you have a "history of mental illness.")

Petition text (what you are signing):

I protest any passage of any bill in the U.S. Congress to screen and promote psychiatric drugs to pregnant and new mothers, and particularly to S. 1375, The MOTHERS Act. I urge you to defeat this bill in the Senate immediately by stopping it in the HELP committee. I urge you to defeat it in the Senate vote, should it make it out of committee.

Furthermore I urge you to conduct an investigation into antidepressant drugs and consider passing a ban on any future government-endorsed mental health screening or psychiatric drug promotion efforts, as well as banning government funding for development of new antidepressant drugs.

This bill endangers mothers and children and puts the public at risk. It invades our privacy and denies mothers basic freedoms. Do what is best for the American people and stop this bill dead in its tracks.

For more information I urge you to read the press release concerning the dangers of drugs for all people, especially unborn and newborn babies at, so you can learn more about the FDA-confirmed doubling of suicides on antidepressant drugs as well as the tremendous risks for unborn children, including spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, preterm birth, serious and often fatal heart and lung disorders in newborns, SIDS, and numerous other effects including inducing violence against others.


Please give Amy all the help she needs and spread the word. Our other groups are doing the same.,,,, and more! STOP THE DRUGGING OF HUMANS EVERYWHERE!