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Trans Fat Should Have Been Banned Decades Ago With Laws That Were Never Enforced

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By Christopher C. Barr
January 22, 2007

New laws for old?

Laws banning trans fats are becoming all the rage – and rage is coming from both those for and against such laws.

A New York City ban passed last month doesn’t actually take effect for quite some time and even then, only in limited steps. Interest about similar legislation has spread in big cities across the nation from Chicago to Los Angeles. Possibilities about such a law even came home to roost in discussions of the Arkansas legislature last week.

Meanwhile just this week it was disclosed that a method used to replace trans fat depresses beneficial HDL-cholesterol as trans fat does plus also raises blood glucose and depresses insulin in humans according to a study published in the journal ‘Nutrition and Metabolism’.

"One of the most interesting aspects of these findings is the implication that our time-honored focus on fat saturation may tell only part of the story," said biologist and nutritionist K.C. Hayes, one of the research collaborators.

Back home in Arkansas the state surgeon general Joe Thompson told a state Senate health committee hearing, “The science is now starting to reveal risks we previously didn’t fully understand”.

You can’t understand at all when you make like the fabled monkeys and cover your eyes from seein’, cover your ears hearin’, and cover your mouth to prevent askin’ or tellin’.

Monkeyin’ ‘round

The problem with trans fats is not new information though the popularization of the name trans fat is more recent. Trans fats are hydrogenated oils. Those are oils taken from their natural state and monkeyed with by industry to make them plenty of money and to rob you of your health.

This columnist has personally taught against the heart damaging effects of hydrogenated oils through four decades. It wasn’t new information when I started teaching on this matter.

Monkeyin’ around with food is already prohibited by the more than 100 year old Pure Food & Drug Act.

“We don’t need new laws but just to enforce the ones we have,” may be a trite, common phrase but has never been truer than in the instance of the now popularly known trans fats.

Dr. Henry Alfred Schroeder, M.D., (graduate of Columbia and Yale/professor at Dartmouth) was the preeminent researcher in the world on blood pressure and heart health when he addressed at length in the 1960s “the implication that our time-honored focus on fat saturation may tell only part of the story," as noted just this week by the above quoted biologist and nutritionist K.C. Hayes.

An even more grave issue regarding heart disease – and “grave issue” is particularly appropriate phrasing in this matter – according to Dr. Schroeder was the gross deficiency of the essential trace mineral chromium stripped more than 90 per cent by the refined bleaching of whole grain into white flour.

Research both prior to and following that of Dr. Schroeder also has revealed the extreme importance of the essential trace minerals selenium and silicon for heart health. These two minerals are also more than 90 per cent stripped in the same refining process.

More monkey business

The United States Supreme Court ruled almost a century ago in 1915 that the refined bleaching of whole grains was a violation of the Pure Food & Drug Act. That decision has never been overturned. It has simply never been enforced by the monkey-suited bureacrats charged with enforcement at the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA is far too busy giving governmental approval – and protection – to killer drugs while suppressing access to knowledge of nutrient benefits and even to the very access of dietary supplements.

There was a little ocean side tea party in Boston Harbor by the common people against their government more than 200 years ago over much less invasive and much less harmful matters.

The words of patriotic forefather Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death” are even truer today than when he originally spoke those words. Henry was stating that he would rather die than not have liberty. Today the liberty to access your own health care choices is under attack and the medical monopoly to which your options are increasingly limited increasingly lead to state-sanctioned deaths.

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him c/o P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at .

P.O. Box 618205
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