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Aspartame's extreme, and highly fatal: Carcinognesis!

I am one of the only few "Nutra Sweet Dissidents" to ever see the first (original) pre-marketing Aspartame toxicity studies. It has to be strongly emphasized! These first studies were done at only 1/1000th the legally required Aspartame dosage levels. (And for
only sixty days!) The law specifies that one hundred times the "greatest possible maximum human consumption" must always be used in pre-marketing testing of animals. This law is entirely conservative, because it only allows for only a ten fold species to
species variation of effect, and only a ten fold variation of individual effect within a given species: In order to protect all humans who may ever ingest a given chemical! Only 3 cans of pop per day (level) scaled down the weight of each given animal species, was ever used, in spite of the thousands of ways Aspartame is presently dosed into us, even being "sneaked" in with yogurts, chewing gums, etc! (The FDA recently got a law enacted that "ASPARTAME" does not now even have to be at all mentioned on the product label itself!)

The phenyl alanine isolate poisoning from Aspartame is exemplary of why this legally mandated testing standard, (even if followed,) is inadequate protection for human beings. PKU (phenylketonuria) is a human enzyme deficiency, leading to severe brain damage even if even a small amount of a balanced mix of proteins containing significant phenyl alanine content is consumed! Moreover, all the tested animals metabolize phenyl alanine outside the brain, while the human being metabolizes it inside the brain, and at its brain enzyme sites, with extreme damages resulting, (even in non PKU "normal" humans) from the bolus of Phenyl alanine isolate obtained from a single can of Aspartame pop!

Both concepts are inadequate in the case of Aspartame because:
1. Aspartame is a highly synergized methyl alcohol poisoning, and all the test animals used have the proper enzyme channels to harmlessly break down methanol without processing it through the Methanol>formaldehyde>formic acid>carbon monoxide
toxic axis. This entire toxic axis is the only way methanol, from Aspartame, can be at all metabolized in humans. The "hangover" after drinking alcoholic beverages, (which contain only small traces of methanol,) is a small example of this toxicity, (even though the ethyl alcohol itself, is a specific, and the most highly effective antidote known, for methyl alcohol toxicity.) "Excitotoxins" also markedly increase the severity of their poisonings, as the two indicated factors of greater molecule size, and other incorporated toxic chemistries increase in their molecular makeup!

Moreover in methyl esters like Aspartame, the larger the ester, and the more highly toxic its other components, the far worse will be the poisoning from each methyl ester. Aspartame maximizes these two extreme toxicities!

2. Because the Aspartic acid is a dicarboxylic amino acid, (and therefore a powerful neural excitoxin!) Aspartame then will also form its own diketopiperazine entity while sitting in solution, or even while being digested. This DKP form is an extremely far more highly chemically reactive, and an even far greater and stronger polymerization agent, than the parent chemical in every case. DKPs therefore, are the major substrate class used in synthesizing plastics! The DKP form of Aspartame was (in even that minuscule dose, and for only 60 days) found to be number one chemical ever identified to cause brain cancers in rats! (Even when the other chemicals tested were used at maximal dosages, and over lifetime test periods, in the animals tested.)
Just 1/1000th the legally mandated dose of Aspartame, ingested for only 60 days, caused the highest incidence of brain tumor in rats, that any chemical ever tested at any dose, ever caused!

The Aspartame "dicarboxlic amino acid neural excito toxicity" is also molecularly maximized, when given the two factors entioned above, (which also maximize the methyl alcohol toxic axis toxicity.) Medically well known examples of the extreme damage from these two factors and chemical classes, are "Guam Parkinson disease," and "Prince Edward Island shell fish: Domoic Acid" poisoning, both of which have caused extreme neurological disease epidemics in Guam (And all around the World's Oceans), and Prince Edward Island, with lifelong neural sequelae, and also additional disease generations, occurring in those epidemic's victims!(Just as Aspartame also always does!)

For a clearer presentation of the even greater picture of Aspartame's extreme toxicity, Plz get Ch 7 of "Sweet Mystery in The Present Darkness: What Ever Happened to We Scientists Who First Spoke Out Against Aspartame?" from,, or dorway! (It is freely available, for free!) Billions of Victims is also "free" on those sites!

While I was driving cab in Denver: Upon hearing this, one of my fares screamed out: "Doc! You are sure right! Within a year of the time we started drinking Aspartame pop, three of my immediate family members experienced brain tumors, even though there had never before even been a single brain tumor in our entire known family tree. Moreover, all three then were dead within the year following, in spite of all which medicine, surgery, and radiation had to offer them!" (This is because Aspartame so damages and defocus es the entire immune system!) The first six months after they put "Nutra Sweet" into our "diet" pop and soft drinks, the US brain cancer occurrence rate jumped 10%, and the US diabetes "new case" rate 30%!

In those first low dose Aspartame: FDA pre-marketing studies the infant monkeys ONLY showed up with a 100% incidence of Grand Maul epilepsy! Those human subjects then tested at only "three cans of Aspartame pop" level per day for just sixty days, also showed an immediate 250% increase of "all physical complaint" incidence. Two of the sixty people used as Aspartame
test subjects, then immediately developed highly malignant cancers: One Breast carcinoma, and One Bone sarcoma. Both test subjects were dead within the year following, in spite of all which medicine, surgery and radiation had to offer them! The Food and Drug Death Association (FDA) comment: "Well, that's all just insignificant!" When they then went ahead and marketed Aspartame under the influence of Reagan, Rumsfeld, and Dr Arthur Hull Hayes!(Hayes refused, but was, at that time, BLACKMAILED into approving Aspartame, by godfather Rumsfeld!) These names, along with the Bushes, who are the primal New World Order force,
amongst all this human "Aspartame devastation" should live in Infamy!

Sincerely, James D. Bowen MD