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Tom Cruise Is Right - Psychiatry Is Not Based On Science

March 17, 2006
By Pam Killeen Interviews Dr. Julian Whitaker
Source: Crusador Enterprises

Pam Killeen Interviews Dr. Julian Whitaker About His Public Support For Tom Cruise Who Spoke Out Against Psychiatric Diagnoses and Psychotropic Medications

In the summer of 2005, Tom Cruise publicly criticized the field of psychiatry, causing an uproar in the media and in the medical establishment. For days, there was a feeding frenzy to blackball Cruise by declaring him unqualified to make such remarks. In the height of the controversy Dr. Julian Whitaker, a prominent medical doctor and long time advocate of natural medicine, came forward and said Cruise was accurate in his assessment.

Pharmaceutical companies have gone into high gear in the last few years with their propaganda campaign to promote and sell psychotropic drugs. Masses of the population are now being screened for mental disorders, many against their wishes. If people do not wake up to this insane agenda, billions of people face the risk of being diagnosed with a disorder and prescribed toxic psychotropic drugs. The sad truth is the field of Psychiatry is no longer based on science or truth. It’s been turned into a drug pushing business and it’s an area where pharmaceutical companies are concentrating their efforts because they believe it has the potential to bring them their greatest financial rewards. The problem is psychotropic medications are far more dangerous and damaging to the body on a long term basis than virtually any medication you can put in your body.

To help shed further light on this topic, CRUSADOR’s Investigative Reporter, Pam Killeen, is privileged to interview Dr. Julian Whitaker. Although formally educated in medicine, Dr. Julian Whitaker has been on the forefront of alternative medicine for several decades now. He is Director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute and Editor of “Health and Healing” newsletter that provides important health advice for more than 500,000 people nationwide. Dr. Whitaker graduated from Dartmouth College in 1966 and received his M.D. degree in 1970 from Emory University Medical School. He completed his surgical internship at Grady Memorial Hospital in 1971, and continued at the University of California in San Francisco in orthopedic surgery. In 1974, Dr. Whitaker founded the California Orthomolecular Medical Society, along with four other physicians and the Nobel prize-winning scientist Dr. Linus Pauling. In 1979, to share his knowledge with patients who had been failed by conventional medicine and had nowhere else to turn, he launched the Whitaker Wellness Institute Medical Clinic. Dr. Whitaker is the author of several books including the best-selling “Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks”.

Pam: Could you begin by telling us how you were first invited on CNN to give feedback to Tom Cruise’s statements against psychiatry?

Dr. Whitaker: I’m not sure exactly why they contacted me but they knew that I’m a supporter of non-psychiatric drug treatment of mental disorders. I’m also very outspoken about the issues surrounding the fact that none of the psychiatric diagnoses have any scientific basis. I was a good proponent of what Tom Cruise had implied. Tom Cruise is a celebrity and celebrities can say anything they wish. Cruise knew what he was talking about when he said that the psychiatric evaluations aren’t based on science period! They’re just made up and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is growing with more and more fabricated “mental illnesses”. Pretty soon, we’re not going to find a normal person anywhere in the country unless they’re drugged.

Pam: Now, President Bush is pushing for Teen Screen to try and get children dependent upon psychiatric drugs from a very young age.

Dr. Whitaker: I think the “pharmaceutical industry is looking at our children the way the logging industry would look at a redwood forest” (quote from an article in the LA Times recently). In reality, this is likely the most evil thing that we’re facing as a civilized world. They want to force children to answer intimate and embarrassing questions on a questionnaire which is designed to get them on pharmaceutical drugs. For instance, I took the Prozac survey on the internet. I didn’t answer the survey truthfully; I answered every question as “Sometimes” and I definitely fell into a category where I needed a drug. They recommended that I see a doctor and that I could be helped by a drug, simply because “Sometimes” I may feel bad.

The questions are designed to create the illusion that the children are sick. They are then geared to drugging the children. This has two problems. 1) Because when a child is labeled as being defective, what is that going to do to the child? 2) These labels follow the child the rest of his or her life. That, in and of itself, is evil.

When you combine that with the fact that these children are given powerful psychoactive drugs that prevent their normal development, you’re playing with fire. Giving kids these drugs is like putting kids in straight jackets. One of the fastest growing areas of drugs right now is for children who are 6 years old and under. There is only one word to describe that and that is “EVIL”.

Pam: Many children today are diagnosed with ADD and, subsequently being prescribed drugs that have serious side effects.

Dr. Whitaker: ADD is a fabricated diagnosis. It’s just normal human behavior that people don’t like.

Pam: Margot Kidder has come forward describing how she was able to overcome her “mental illness” by using natural methods. With the Canadian Schizophrenia Foundation, she made a documentary called “Masks of Madness” describing how she was able to recover from her “mental illness” by using the advice of Dr. Abram Hoffer. When you were on CNN, you acknowledged Dr. Hoffer for his outstanding work treating mental illness. I put Margot Kidder on a pedestal for coming forward disclosing her success story and giving hope to others who suffer from mental illness. If a patient suffering with a mental comes to see you, what type of improvements could they experience?

Dr. Whitaker: In my practice, we see a lot of people who see their energy levels increase, or their happiness ratio increase, when they get healthier. Just increasing and improving health will do wonders for the majority of people who have been labeled as being mentally ill. This goes for people who are experiencing fatigue, who may be depressed. Very often, we find that they have hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or lack exercise. We help them solve these areas of depletion in their lives. We help them increase the quality of their lives and they feel better. We see it all the time. I have had 35,000 people come through my clinic and I have never started anyone on an antidepressant medication.

I have been successful at helping people enhance their mood and their quality of life. This is what you should be after. I’m not saying I’m successful with everyone. But if I can have this type of an experience with 35,000 people, even though I don’t prescribe what psychiatrists use everyday, then something is wrong with what psychiatrists are doing.

Pam: Going back to your appearance on CNN, you mentioned that psychiatry is “not pseudoscience”, and that it’s simply “not science”.

Dr. Whitaker: Psychiatry is not science; it’s observations of human behavior, without any scientific backup. For example, diagnosing someone with a “chemical imbalance” is a fabricated diagnosis. They have no evidence whatsoever of any chemical imbalance. They can’t measure it, they can’t find it. So, there’s no chemical imbalance that’s measurable. That’s like saying there’s heart disease when you can’t measure anything other than symptoms. It’s contrary to all of medicine where you fabricate a behavior as a disease and then you say there’s a chemical imbalance. Then, they try and justify their results with a PET scan. Well, a PET scan can’t detect a chemical imbalance. Secondly, you can alter PET scans with natural substances such as arginine, vitamin E, etc.

Pam: They showed PET scan results on CNN saying that these tests show differences in brain function of people who are depressed. It seems to me that if you happen to be having a bad day, your PET scan could show diminished flow in certain areas of your brain. In that case, you could be diagnosed with depression and be prescribed a drug.

Dr. Whitaker: PET scans do not show a chemical imbalance. It can measure blood flows in the brain, for example. And, that’s not chemical. Some of the PET scan results may be consistent with some behaviors. You can improve PET scans scores using natural substances better than pharmaceutical drugs.

Pam: People who are living with mental illness can be extremely debilitated. They can be tortured individuals. It’s tragic. According to Dr. Hoffer, schizophrenia is the most expensive treatment program available today. It costs a great deal of money to institutionalize these patients. And, worse, they’re given very little hope.

Dr. Whitaker: Schizophrenia is a psychotic behavior where there is a lack of affect and a disassociation without any feedback. That is a serious problem. The drugs that are helpful for schizophrenia simply dampen everything. I’ve heard that a lot of schizophrenic patients don’t want to take the drugs primarily because they don’t feel anything. They would rather feel their craziness than feel nothing. The drugs appear to be helpful because they virtually shut off their response. In many cases, this may be characterized as an improvement. I don’t know the answer to the delusions and psychoses that people experience. I do know that they can’t find why they have these symptoms yet. If you find out why, then you find the success using nutrition such as niacin and other supplements.

For several decades now, Dr. Hoffer has been recommending a lot of B-complex, particularly niacin, in treating schizophrenia. His protocol also includes a variety of other nutrients and dietary changes. I’ve been familiar with him for almost 50 years. In the early 1970’s, I met with Linus Pauling with about 4 or 5 other doctors. We founded the California Orthomolecular Society which is today the Orthomolecular Medical Society. Abram Hoffer was the first to use the term Orthomolecular, meaning the use of substances that are common and essential to the body to maintain your health and/or prevent and heal disease.

The understanding of how to use these substances (Vitamin C, folic acid, niacin, arginine, CoQ10, carnitine) all of these elements that we have discovered over the last 60 or 70 years ą as therapy - that’s the most significant breakthrough in medicine in the last century. All of this drug business is nonsense. Of all of the drugs on the market today, not one of them will be on the market 150 years from now. Not one. Yet, virtually all orthomolecular substances that are here today will be around forever. So, when we find these orthomolecular substances that have healing properties, they will have healing properties indefinitely. The only reason that they are not being used in medicine is because you cannot patent them. If could patent them like you could Vioxx or Prozac or Zoloft, they would be the “darlings” of the pharmaceutical industry. Since you can’t patent themsince God didn’t patent his work ą he just gave it to us to use ą nobody can make big money on it. Consequently, the effort to eliminate natural substances from the health market places is fierce.

Pam: Margot Kidder speaks about her experiences while she was ill. She explains that one day a given psychiatrist would tell her she was bipolar. Another day, another psychiatrist would tell her she was manic depressive. Another day, she would be told she was schizophrenic. It would all depend on what they were reading in their A-Z manual. Do psychiatrists really know what they are doing?

Dr. Whitaker: In reality, they don’t know what they are doing. Their road map, or the references that they use, are not based on science; rather, they are based on their opinion of what the behavior is. There is no measurement of anything. Consequently, it’s not a science. It’s observation of human behavior. Observation of human behavior could be considered a science if you’re correctly identifying behaviors. But, to attribute that to a chemical disorder when you cannot measure it or find it or demonstrate it, here in the year 2005 is not reasonable.

Pam: Do you have anything else you’d like to add before we finish?

Dr. Whitaker: There are 2 things I’d like to finish with. Be very careful about choosing medical care, because they involve high drug and high technique. These are the obvious choices because there is so much money involved in using drugs and surgery as primary tools in treatment. The only defense people have in the inappropriate use in drugs and surgery is getting information about alternative sources. Conventional medical doctors dislike alternative sources, but if they were open-minded and investigated alternative sources, they would have more success at helping their patients.

Pam: And your second comment?

Dr. Whitaker: Understand that the major scientific discovery of the 20th Century was man’s ability to isolate active natural ingredients. We’re finding active, natural ingredients almost at the same rate as the drug companies are making new, non-biologic drugs. CoQ10 is only 30 or 40 years old. We now know how to generate nitric oxide using arginine. These are very new and promising discoveries. The areas where you will have the biggest bang for your buck is going to be in finding out how you can use these natural substances to create health.

Pam: Thank you for sharing your time with us, Dr. Whitaker. I hope that your words will give hope to those who are feeling trapped in the “solution-less” viscous cycle of psychiatric medicine and/or conventional medicine as a whole.

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Thanks God for Church of Scientology and Tom Cruse!
Someone must question Pharmaceutical Mafia.

Though most of my 34 (thirty four ) years of professional work I did everything in my capacity to bring relief to people whose lives were destroyed by health problems and they were send on the path of suffer and despair.

For years I worked in the Children’s Hospital where I was named Employee of the year in recognition for my exceptional work.

For many, many years I worked in pharmaceutical industry doing everything to contribute to the variety and quality of products available on the market to those in need.

I was recognized many times all over again for my dedication, compassion, performance and leadership (proof upon request) and then hear in Ontario my world collapsed.

I become victim of criminal activities within industry I SERVED FOR SO MANY YEARS.

Pharmaceutical Corporation with its mandate to bring relief to people who suffer, disregarded Health /Safety and for almost 7 years exposed me with out any personal protection to very potent products.

Company currently (officially) produces more than 260 generic pharmaceuticals in approximately 4000 dosages. Many more products are under extensive formulation and development stages (in confidentiality).

Due to “FDA APPROVED STATUS” of this location/Plant, Company processed there products for other Plants ( Group of Companies).

In secrecy we did work on Formulation and Development of almost all key products/brands present on the market (solid dose ).

In secrecy Company formulated (different processing), processed in quantities, then as experimental batches, then as validation /production batches, then as launch into the Market batches of many products with out any permits or approvals or prior to that.

At nights Company was bringing in to the Plant and processed products not approved for this facility by Regulators.

Company did keep in the warehouse restricted products under specially assigned and misleading names. Many of those products were not included on official Inventory list of a few thousand of chemicals in the warehouse.

My former Employer is a Generic Company and due to the nature of their business (challenging validity of ownership / patents as well as exclusive rights to the products of Brand Names) Company will not revel any Safety Data Sheets of products/ chemicals which they worked on due to simple fact, that such admission / disclosure would expose them to the massive legal action by other Pharmaceutical Companies for infringement of Patents / Brands as well would expose absence of compliance with Regulations..

Due to risk of such liabilities, Company will conceal and manipulate data and underreport info concerning products.

For many years Company melted and boiled chemicals in hundred of pounds at the time in order to challenge existing /valid Patents of Brand Name’s by process ( PAXIL, Cyclosporin- Cyclosporine is a potent immunosuppressant used originally to prevent the rejection of transplanted kidneys, continues to be recommended for a variety of organ transplants, Lavitra, Plavix, Bupropion, Gabapentin, Gemfibrosil, Metformin, Omeprazole, Temazepam/Etodolac, Metroprolol , Norvasc, Depakote and other brain function controlling drugs and antidepressants, narcotics blood composition and pressure controlling drugs etc.).

Those processes were conducted in /on not approved equipment and in manufacturing area not approved for such operations.

Also I got massive and unprotected exposure to unidentified product (s ) in / during out of control accident (we did have many accidents) when one of not approved new products proved to be volatile and during process exploded causing inferno, burning/baking for period of time while releasing toxic fumes and causing collateral damage to equipment and infrastructure.


As result of Company’s negligence (exposure to advanced structural composite materials /chemicals used in the manufacturing processes which have been classified as to have a co- carcinogenic and/or synergistic effect -Depakote/ Divalproex Sodium, Diazepam, Clonazepam, Carbamazepine, Phenobarbital, Clozapine, Lorazepam, Phenobarbital, Amoxapine, Bupropion, Clozapine, Lorazepam, Amoxapine, Paroxatine, Fluoxetine, Temazepam, Gabapentin, Depakote,Cyclosporine etc. ) I am suffering skin discoloration, sinuses and respiratory ailments. I am suffering from severe hypertension ( which at the present is out of control - BP 235/135) and due to it as well as chemicals effect my hearth was damaged, migraine headaches, joints and back pains, nervous system effects (state of mental turmoil, compromised motor skills, compromised speech mechanism etc.), enhanced risk of cancer, and fear of cancer, vision problems (constant presence of a black spot in one eye which may indicate minor stroke effect/haemorrhage or Depakote's side effects etc.).

I experience a feeling of general discomfort and sickness; weakness, trouble breathing, unusual drowsiness, dizziness or light-headedness; unusual / unexplained stomach upsets, the sudden development of a slow or irregular heartbeat.

I have serious concerns about the safety of the levels of exposure. My worry is that a toxic build up of the drugs and/or its metabolites can be fatal. Some of the side effects I experience include infections, nausea, diarrhoea, dry mouth, constipation, decreased appetite, sleepiness, dizziness, sexual side effects, nervousness, tremor, yawning, sweating, abnormal vision, weakness, insomnia, including electric shock sensations, abnormal dreams, agitation, anxiety, nausea, mood fluctuations, headache, fatigue, nervousness and sleep disturbances, skin rash, anorexia, leg pain, medication taste, sore throat, also effects include muscle pain, pain in arms and legs, abdominal cramps, vomiting, joint pain, rash, flu-like symptoms.

I am suffering a great deal with life threatening medical conditions not able to afford groceries, needed medications nor to pay any of my financial dues.

Company got engaged in intentional malicious conduct violating all statutes with a reckless indifference.

It acted in the face of a perceived risk that its actions will violate all laws.

Company treated me in harsh and humiliating way acting in an especially egregious manner. The evidence proves that alleged facts were true.

Company, with its mandate to bring relief / help to people suffering from many medical conditions did make me disable ( work related medical conditions) limiting my professional and personal life, making challenging my social life and in vicious / malicious manner on on going bases is preventing me from enjoying my Constitutional Right to be able to provide for myself.

The extraordinarily lucrative pharmaceutical industry has long been driven more by profit, power and policy then pills or concern to Health and Safety.

There is much moral posturing in an industry that is only too well aware, that it capitalizes on a captive market of the desperate and the afflicted.

This is a reason why in the name of higher benefit Corporation selected to ignore Health and Safety regulations and adopted an unrelentingly aggressive stance against me while I expressed concerns in area of Health and Safety and quality of the products.

To ask Company to supply evidence (Product Safety Data Sheets) and base WSiB’s decision upon this material is like assisting Company in their crimes.

No Justice System is allowing a Criminal to fabricate an alibi/evidence.

Due to such approach by Ontario Labour Board , Ontario Ombudsmen Office, WSiB and some others, Company so boldly breaks the Law and flourishes on their path of crime.

Overlooking their activities is like being an accessory to the crimes and this is against Public’s best interest.

I believe that drugs produced during some periods of my employment killed more people world wide then military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan combined.

Best Regards,

The Biggest Scam which creates harm to the Individuals that HAVE ADHD, Including the ADULTS - (not only children have it) is that people ignore the fact that Today the ADHD is considered one of the best researched disorders in American History and the overall data on its validity are far more compelling than for most mental disorders and even many medical conditions," according to the American Medical Association Council on Scientific Affairs.

Please let us not forget that Dr. Baughman RETIRED in 1993, he was a CHILD Neurologist – so many advances have occurred not only in Science but technology, that allows us to be able to learn more about it.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but has Dr Baughman been PERSONALLY involved in ANY randomized controlled scientific meta studies, clinical trials or research, based upon ADHD? In Any studies that have been acknowledged by the Medical boards? Especially in the past 10 Years, with the advancements of science and technology? And especially with Adults who have the disorder.. ADULTS who can articulate, and express their experiences better than children! Adults who can express their considerable frustrations and pain dealing with Untreated ADHD?

Noted Quote -
Although he is frequently cited by CCHR and has written articles in support of Applied Scholastics, Dr. Baughman is generally regarded as an unrepresentative and ill-informed voice on learning disabilities. The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) told the Congressional Committee on Education and the Workforce in a letter of September 29, 2000 that Dr. Baughman "represent[s] fringe opinions about the disorder and about psychiatry." His position is certainly at odds with mainstream research and ignores the findings of a huge amount of research from around the world.

Yes, indeed, the biggest fraud are articles and the individuals who really haven’t invested the time researching the disorder with individuals (ADULT) individuals who suffer from it day to day. and whom can share their Life Experience.
That indeed is a disservice to the public

He has been noted to say that scientific research has yet to prove him wrong.. i say that the Complete OPPOSITE is true. P.S, has anyone noticed also or is it just me, but it is very difficult to respond to many if not most of the sites that present these uninformed, personal prejudices? and if you do get to post, very rarely would you see your responses as they are being censored?

Especially noted by many of the "peers" and friends of Baughman? It does make one wonder.

from Living Proof

As an adult that grew up wondering what was wrong with me, why was I so different? Always feeling depression, anxiety.. The hyperness.. The sadness... Sorry Folks, ADHD is REAL. As real as Depression and it can bring on depression due to the loneliness our disability/disorder inflicts on us.

Yes, some of us are different, some can get "better" with behavior modification and other alternative vitamins.. but many of us, that isn't the option.

I grew up in the Caribbean. I didn't have TV to watch all day; didn't want to anyways. The ocean was my playground. Water is safe there, free of lead, so that wasn't the cause. No there wasn't lead base paint in my home.

My mother had us eat the 5 food groups with every dinner, no, missing breakfast and lunch. And a Salad was included every day. So, that wasn't the problem either.

She had me taking a vitamin b complex and massage therapy - that helped a bit, but no that didn't cure me either.

So, as an adult, suicidal emotions were rampant. I've stayed away from Drugs, alcohol, and anything that could be addictive (oops, I do smoke cigarettes, hard to stop, as they REALLY do calm me down) - didn't want to try any street drugs as I was scared of really liking them, and what the outcome would be. I don't even like taking any medication for basic pains either, headaches, back pain. Nothing

Doctors thought maybe bi-polar - no, cause the emotions were to rapid; Depression - those pills caused me to become suicidal; Maybe I had a personality disorder they thought - those pills made me a raving lunatic;

Could it be ADHD? I asked.. My son has it, my father shows the signs. No, they said.. You are too old, Adults don't have adhd. The kids grow out of it by the time they are 14 --- YEAH RIGHT !!!! said with sarcasm - No ONE and I mean NO ONE wanted to acknowledge that I had ADHD! and NO ONE wanted to help me!

Finally, Adults have finally been recognized. The first time I tried any medication was in a clinical study. Literally I could start SEEING better, HEARING better, not only did I get to pay attention more, feel more focused, feel more part of the society that seemed to shun me, so different.. I was able to become a part of it. It happened immediately.

Everyone around me noticed the results immediately - it was like I entered the world of being human. I fit in.

Unfortunately the drugs do build up in my system, and I have to cycle them, off and on. Am I aware? you bet, after a couple of weeks, I know, it is time to get on them again; People who are close to me (there aren't many- I still have a hard time opening up to others, more out of habit today) let me know when again, because I am driving them insane. Unfortunately there isn't a magic cure, YET, and it is all different for different people.. but I can assure you.

Sorry Charlie -- Doctors don't really like giving ADHD medication as many of the Naysayer Dr’s likes to present. The reality, you have to Fight to get medicated.. You have to Fight the doctors, do so many tests to be correctly diagnosed, and forget about trying to change doctors -- Did you know we have to make sure you go back each mth for a prescription - as expensive as that may be, because the Doctor could lose their license for prescribing multi mth doses? - oh, and let's not forget your insurance company hassles, especially if you want to miss a couple of mths to purge!

Why is Adhd so rampant today? Because Adults were Never diagnosed Correctly. We had to live in Hell because of the Naysayers, who obviously has not lived within the mind of an individual like us.

If it were such a myth - this ADHD - then explain WHY do we need to have Behavior modification, or eat special foods? WHY are there so many different Alternatives to help the individuals of this so called Myth?

My question to the “dr’s” who believe this is a myth – have YOU Sat with a group (50 or more) ADULT Adhd individuals, and heard their stories.. See us before we take our meds, have us take our meds in front of you, and then see the difference.. listen to us speak, think, read, watch our attention, watch our body language.. before and after.. and then tell me that you still believe it isn’t real.

Try to convince Us too that what we feel isn’t real. There would be a group of very unhappy people for sure.

To the Dr’s who don’t believe, I think you have been out of the field for too long, for you to even be able to really get an honest perspective on this disorder.. it was people like YOU who put my life in jeopardy with your misdiagnoses.

Yes Virginia – Indeed, there really is ADHD

Dr.Baughman, how come you don't allow comments from your site..

I believe that the scientific basis of psychiatry is tenuous at best. The diagnostic manual has no objective criteria to label someone sick, and the psychiatric medications have an appalling record of both side effects and inefficiency.

Anyway, here is the comment of another medical doctor and neurologist:


How Psychiatry Makes "Patients" of Normal Children

EL CAJON, CA 92019

Tele:(619) 440-8236
Fax: (619) 442-1932


To the Editor:
April 17, 2006

Dotson Rader [I Can Create Who I am, Parade, 4/9/06, p 6] states that Tom Cruise "ranted against medically-prescribed drugs and psychiatry on NBC's Today" show. To 'rant' means "to rave, or speak in loud, violent or extravagant language."

The word "rant" or similar descriptors were used throughout the media to describe the Cruise assertion to Mr. Lauer (Today, 6/24/05), that there is no such thing as a "chemical imbalance," by which psychiatry means "disease" which equals "objective abnormality," terms psychiatry appends to everyone with a mental, emotional or psychological problem - "chemical imbalances" in need of "chemical balancers" - pills -sole product of the psychiatry-pharmaceutical industry.

Nor did Cruise's detractors take notice of the follow-up appearance on Today, 6/27/05 of psychiatry professor, Joseph Glenmullen, who had exactly the same thing to say - that there is no such thing as a "chemical imbalance" of the brain, that the millions
of children (and adults too) in the US and the world who are told they are thus-diseased are, in fact, entirely normal -- normal that is until their "treatment" -- actually poisoning, commences.

Joining the demonizing of Mr. Cruise, and all who know and articulate word of the pseudoscience and fraud of pharma-appended psychiatry you become purveyors of the "chemical imbalance" fraud, complicit with those who would love nothing better than to drug you, your children and elders for profit.

At the March 23, 2006, hearing on ADHD and ADHD drugs of the Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee Testimony of the FDA I testified:

"There is nothing more despicable than a physician who knowingly tells normal patients that they are "sick," "ill," or "diseased," for profit. Yet this has become standard practice throughout medicine, and at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)."


Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

Dear Sirs, While psychiatry is still a relatively young science, along with clinical psychology, both of these disciplines are empirically and scientifically-based, and for this Dr. to argue psychotropic meds are unhelpful or even 'bad' for most patients is absurd and, with all due respect, ignorant of very "science" you are supposedly promoting. Dr. Whitaker appears not to have evaluated or treated the patients most clinical psychologists or psychiatrist see in our practices, given his ridiculous comments. Yes, let's undermine support for scientifically-based medical treatments such as antidepressant medication, and support Cruise and 'scientology,' a rather bizarre and unusual belief system at best (and not very scientific). Thank you for your consideration of these comments. Respectfully, Dr. Michael D. Brunson, Taylorsville, Utah