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The original cause of bird flu, and realistic solutions for preventing a pandemic

by Mike Adams
February 21, 2006
NewsTarget Insider

The creation of infectious diseases that now threaten humans can be traced directly back to the way we treat animals... especially animals raised as food sources. The only long-term strategy we can adopt to prevent the death and suffering that accompany pandemics is to make permanent changes in the way we treat animals.

We must also take a look at the way we use antibiotics and how hospitals are breeding grounds for superbugs. We have to take a whole new look at what information we're giving people in terms of public health. Why are we limiting people to only two options here – a vaccine and an antiviral drug? Why aren't we educating people about all the antiviral herbs, foods and supplements that are more powerful than a drug, and that can't create a resistant form of the virus? The virus cannot build resistance if you're eating 30 different antiviral foods. Why has the public not been told this information?

Unfortunately, these lessons may come at a very high price, because no one seems to pay attention in the world anymore, unless there's, A: A profit to be made, or B: A lot of people who died. You can educate people about the warning signs all day long, but they're not interested unless a bunch of people already died or unless there's a bunch of money to be made. Then they'll listen.

Here's an example: I once lived in a house that was on the outside edge of a curve in the road. This was a road that had a 45 mph speed limit. About once a month, on Friday or Saturday night, some drunken teenager would take the corner at about 75 mph and spin out of control and slam into a telephone pole, take out a fence or hit a tree. I contacted the city on this and explained, "This is a problem here. Somebody is going to get killed if you don't put up a guardrail. Sooner or later, somebody is going to get killed here." You know what the city told me? They said, "Well, unfortunately, we can't do anything until somebody dies. Then it will become a priority."

It's not what I expected to hear, but that's what the city told me. I see the national government doing the exact same thing with bird flu. You can tell people all day long that the best way to protect themselves is to have knowledge about antiviral herbs, medicinal mushrooms and antiviral foods. You can warn people all day long, but until people die, the government won't change its ways, because it doesn't see any reason to change. There's no public outcry until a bunch of people die.

Unfortunately, we may pay a very high price in human lives before people wake up and see the reality, which is that we could have stopped this bird flu virus in its tracks. If we had all just started taking some of these antiviral supplements, we could have stopped this thing in whatever city it started. In fact, we could've stopped it from forming altogether if we had reformed the way we raise animals for food. We could have saved maybe 50 million lives around the world. That's about how many people died in 1918, and at that time, the population of the world was much smaller, and people didn't travel as much as they do today. The cities were less dense back then. Today we have more people living closer together and eating terrible diets that actually make them more vulnerable to infectious disease.

Today's situation is far more dangerous for the spread of influenza or any communicable disease. We have the perfect conditions for spreading influenza. We have international travel, airplanes where people sneeze and the air gets re-circulated around so that everybody breathes it in. We don't even have viral filters on airplanes. We have people traveling rapidly from one city to the next in a matter of hours. We have cities with very high density, and we have a population with massively suppressed immune systems. People today are more susceptible to infectious disease than any population ever observed in the history of our nation. We are the least healthy people in the history of mankind. Nobody has suffered the rates of chronic disease that we have achieved in the United States. We're ripe for infection.

What does our federal government do about this? It keeps its people in the dark. It says, "Make sure you keep those people ignorant about antiviral herbs; we couldn't give any credence to herbal medicine, because that might hurt the profits of vaccine companies. That might hurt the profits from the sale of the Tamiflu. It might discredit conventional medicine if we told people the truth. So, we've got to keep people in the dark."

I have no doubt that somewhere along the line in this whole decision process for the national strategy for pandemic influenza somebody said, "Better not mention herbs; keep people in the dark on that one. We don't want anybody to know about that." Why? "Because it might compete with the sale of drugs, and that might give people too much power to put their health in their own hands and think they don't need us (us being the government or federal health officials)."

Spread the word: Anti-viral herbs can prevent bird flu
If anybody out there reading this happens to be a member of the press, I dare you and your paper to print the truth about antiviral herbs. I dare you. I dare USA Today, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the San Jose Mercury News, the Chicago Tribune, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer -- I dare all of you to print the truth about antiviral herbs. Give people the information they need. Help protect public health in this country. You may actually be saving lives.

To all those papers out there, why aren't you printing this? Why aren't you printing articles about the antiviral properties of herbs? These are properties that have been well proven and well documented even in government databases. Dr. James Duke knows this stuff inside and out. He can name the phytochemicals in these foods and in these herbs that are antiviral. He's done the research. In fact, the government hired Dr. James Duke to assess the chemistry profile of these medicinal herbs and put them in a database. The information is all there; it's all proven. This isn't even debatable. The only thing that's being debated is whether or not the public should be told about it, and, so far, the answer has been, "Keep people in the dark."

It's censorship, plain and simple. Sometimes censorship has a very high cost. It certainly seems like it's heading in that direction. In this case, it could cost the lives of millions of people.

To those of you reading, I urge you to forward this article to anyone you want to help. Let them know there are options beyond antiviral drugs and vaccines. There are many options. There are things that they can grow in their own backyard or in a pot of soil on their windowsill that are potent antiviral chemicals provided by nature that have no patent protection. You don't have to pay royalties. There's no prescription drug fee, and you don't even have to drive down to the pharmacy. You don't need a Medicare drug discount card.

All you need to do is recognize the healing power of foods from nature. Don't believe all the BS and hype coming out of the system of conventional medicine in this country. This system is so corrupt and so outdated, and I think very soon more people will see just how false conventional medicine has become today, with its drug approach to everything – even things that aren't infectious diseases, like diabetes. It's ridiculous. Adult onset type 2 diabetes is a dietary and lifestyle disorder. Changing what you eat, and what you do, can easily reverse it. Conventional medicine just wants to treat it with drugs as if it were malaria or some kind of disease caused by bacteria. They've taken the germ theory of disease and applied it to everything, including cancer, osteoporosis and even mental disorders like depression, behavior disorders and nervousness. These are not diseases.

No real solutions from conventional medicine
Conventional medicine does not have the answers we need here. We need to look beyond that. It's time to close that sad, dark chapter of human history. It's time to move on. It's time to get closer to nature. It's time to recognize that the best pharmaceutical factories in the world are found in the DNA blueprints in seeds provided by nature. Those are all the pharmaceuticals you'll ever need.

All the drugs you'll ever need in your entire life are found in plants, and there are thousands and thousands of plants to choose from. There are plants that lower cholesterol better than statin drugs. There are plants that eliminate depression and plants that virtually halt inflammation and joint pain. There are plants that kill viruses very effectively. Many of those plants are found in your grocery store right now.

Wouldn't it be funny, and sad at the same time, if we had this big outbreak of bird flu and people were lining up outside public health facilities in mile-long lines to get vaccines, and yet walking by the grocery store and the cure for bird flu without even knowing it? They won't even have a clue. They might buy some garlic, not knowing that it is one of the many treatments for bird flu, take it home and cook it, thereby destroying the best medicine in the garlic, because it's most medicinally powerful when eaten raw.

Raw garlic tastes terrible, by the way, but so what? You're talking about life and death here. Who cares what it tastes like? I've eaten raw garlic before, and it was not the most enjoyable experience, but it was tolerable. It's better than dying of infectious disease. Would I eat garlic 10 times a day to prevent bird flu infection? You bet I would. Would I eat garlic leaves, olive leaf extract, lemon balm, lime leaves, astragalus, spearmint, peppermint, rosemary and reishi mushroom extract 10 times a day to beat bird flu? You bet I would. I wouldn't even give it a second thought. It would be a really fun experience, actually, to have all these different tastes on your tongue. You'd realize, "Wow, this is what real living food and living medicine tastes like."

Visit an herbalist to combat bird flu
So that's the truth about the bird flu virus and the antiviral herbs that we are still, at this point, not hearing about in the mainstream press. This is the truth that the mainstream press refuses to print, and they say we have a free press in this country. We have a controlled, manipulated, censored press in this country, and that's why you're only being told about two things.

That's why this has to come from people, like me, who are independent – people who don't take advertising money from drug companies, which is not something any of the newspapers, magazines or news programs can say. They're all taking this money, so of course they are not going to talk about beating the bird flu virus with herbs. They don't want to anger their advertisers. They talk about a free press, but give me a break. It's a financially controlled press.

If you want to learn the real information about the bird flu, stay tuned to this channel right here. Check out independent- minded, unbiased people in the world of naturopathy or herbal medicine or traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine can lick this thing in no time. You want to lick the bird flu virus? Go visit a Chinese herbalist. Go to San Francisco, down to Chinatown, and tell them you're afraid of the bird flu virus. They will hand you a couple of packages with herbs and say, "This will do the trick." And they're right; it will do the trick. You might look in there and freak out because it might contain something like dried gecko. You might say, "Oh my God, this is medicine?" Yes, it is. It is, and I would absolutely take it.

As you can tell, my advice is: Don't trust the mainstream press on this issue. They are either ignorant of the anti-viral properties of herbs, which is possible, or they're just unwilling to print anything about them. For some papers, it could be the first reason. For other papers, it could just as easily be the latter.

Some papers are heavily manipulated by their advertisers. They don't want to anger the drug companies that are supporting their salaries. So, don't get your information from the mainstream press. If you do, you're just going to end up standing in line somewhere waiting for a vaccine that's probably ineffective anyway. You're just going to end up helpless, controlled by the health authorities or FEMA. And didn't FEMA do such a great job with Hurricane Katrina, did they? Anybody who used to live in New Orleans knows all about FEMA. Well, imagine FEMA on a national scale. Imagine waiting for the National Guard to show up on a national scale. This is not going to happen, folks. You're not going to have your emergency food supply, your emergency medicine and your emergency hospital bed. No one is going to take care of you. You're going to have to fend for yourself, and to do that, you'd better have a stockpile of herbal medicine ready at your side. You'd better have purchased it well ahead of time, and you had better be prepared to take it.

Take responsibility for your own bird flu prevention
This is my opinion. Conventional medicine and medical authorities strongly disagree. My lawyers always tell me to say, "Check with your doctor. Check with your qualified health practitioner before you do anything." So, you'd better check with them before you do anything about your health. You better check with your doctor before you dare eat mint, because you know, mint can be dangerous. Don't you dare go under the sun unless you've checked with your doctor. Don't even lift a finger; it might be considered exercise. Don't even dare take garlic or eat foods that might be antiviral unless you check with your doctor. So there, that's my disclaimer.

Don't do anything yourself. Don't think for yourself. Don't do anything for yourself. Don't even think. Disregard everything I've said, because I don't want to put any crazy ideas in your head, like the idea that you might be able to save your own life. Oh no, only your doctor can save your life. Only a qualified medical practitioner can heal you. You can't heal yourself.

I wonder how, when I accidentally cut myself on a tree branch when I'm out jogging, over the next three days that wound heals itself automatically, without me doing anything. My doctor didn't have anything to do with it. I don't even have a doctor. That's strange. I guess the human body does heal itself. It's funny how that works. I used to be diseased, and now I'm not. Wow, it must just be luck, because my doctor said that couldn't happen; that the human body can't heal itself.

I've only caught a cold twice now in seven years, and that was because I worked out too hard. I was at the gym pumping too much iron, and I didn't take my antivirals and I caught something. Exercise will suppress your immune system, if you go at it with a little too much gusto. But how does that work, that I've only been sick twice in seven years? How does that happen?

I guess the body can heal itself or defend itself against infectious disease, because I'm not locking myself in a bubble. I'm out at the gym, interacting with people. I'm doing martial arts. I'm punching people and they're punching me. We're exchanging sweat and I'm not getting sick. I wonder how that works. I guess it must have something to do with the fact that I'm taking anti-viral herbs from the Amazon all the time. I'm taking nutritional supplements all the time. I grow my own food, eat out of my own garden, pick my own culinary spices and eat them fresh and raw. I don't eat chicken, pork or red meat. I don't eat dairy products. That means no cheese, milk, or yogurt. I don't eat refined sugar or drink soft drinks. I don't eat anything made out of white flour or anything that contains hydrogenated oils, MSG or sodium nitrite. You think that has anything to do with it?

I know I'm sounding more cynical than usual, but I just want to get the point across. I'm frustrated with conventional medicine. It frustrates me to know that people are going to needlessly die because of ignorance. Help me out here. Get this article out to people. Let some other people know the truth about this, so they can save themselves.

First, they've got to educate themselves about what to get, and I put that information out on the internet free of charge. I've talked about antiviral foods like garlic and aloe vera and supplements like spirulina. I've put all this information out there for free, so spread this information. Help some other people get this, please. We can save some people. Maybe we can't save everybody, but at least those who are willing to reeducate themselves and who are open to new ideas, like the idea that nature has the answers here, and that's the truth.

I really appreciate your interest in this, and I'll do my best to bring you more solutions as I find them. I'm going to fight this thing all the way. I'm going to fight conventional medicine on this issue. I'm going to sound the alarm on this if people start dying from this pandemic. I'm going to hold conventional medicine responsible for keeping people in the dark about solutions that could have saved their lives. There's a lot more to come on this. Thanks for reading.