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Experiments on children continue

Silent Holocaust Among Us
January 16, 2006

Greetings again BuzzFlash and Buzzers,

This is to issue a DIRECT and heartfelt sincere THANK YOU to both BuzzFlash for printing one of the letters in the Mailbag, and especially to a Mr. J L Scott, who identifies himself as Director of iCop.

Mr. Scott, you are so right about the experiments on children happening right here in this, our very own country. I became interested in this myself when I witnessed firsthand a series of abuses on poor people by the agency known as Child Protective Services and eventually went on to become a research assistant for the President of American Family Rights Association, Cheri Campbell. For
anyone who is interested in this topic you can find what I and the other research assistants discovered at Look up ChildAbuse-Aids Experiment and read firsthand the articles written by Liam Scheff on the Administration of Children's Services in New York unlawfully seizing children from poor black and hispanic families that were supposedly HIV positive. They were placed in a hell hole full of horrors and subjected to twice or more times the amount for adults of highly toxic aids drugs. Many children died, but the attendants were told if the children had diarrhea, fell down, got sick or started vomiting, it wasn't the meds, it was their illness.

This went on since the early eighties and the studies were funded by the National Institutes of Health for the big pharma GlaxoSmithKline. Families that didn't give the drugs had their children seized immediately and were threatened if they didn't sign documents they would never see these children again. Children who refused the drugs were taken to a downtown hospital and had a feeding tube inserted. One doctor admitted under oath "when it came to compliance, we were like Nazis."

People, unfortunately, this is still going on. Mr. Scott cited several states who are involved in the experimentation programs. California is also a part of this organized crime operation. You should probably know that one woman I spoke with underground told me that if a child is in state custody and dies, their organs can be harvested. In Corporate America today children are a lucrative industry. Gladney International Adoption Agency who have a reputation for ruthless practices made Laura and Barbara Bush honored women, and poured money into Jeb Bush and George Bush's coffers to try and push for legislation that would shorten the time a biological parent's rights could be terminated. Look up licenced agencies working with Child Protective Services and you will find that across the nation they are ALL adoption agencies. Also, for more on this subject please look up the article "Guinea Pig Kids" by British Broadcasting Journalist Jamie Doran, and please see and as well as AFRA (American Family Rights Association) Newshawk page for an eyeful of the families suffering under abusive legislation. You might also want to research the documentary that Dr. Gary Nulls has been putting together exposing abuse in the social services divisions across the country and big pharma's role in the atrocities. Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself

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