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Flu Shot is Killing People

November 22, 2005
By Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating reports that the deaths of 12 Japanese children may be linked to the anti-viral drug Tamiflu. The possibility has caused alarm, since millions of doses of the drug are currently being stockpiled for use in a potential flu pandemic.

Also Linked to Seizures

Tamiflu has also been linked to neuropsychiatric incidents in children, including seizures, loss of consciousness, and delirium.

Jumping Off of Roofs

The reports mention incidents including:

* A 14-year-old boy with flu took a dose of Tamiflu and two hours later fell from the ninth floor of his apartment building
* Another child, hours after taking a dose, jumped from the second floor of his house into deep snow

Tamiflu Used FAR More Frequently in Japan

However, it is important to realize that the reason Tamiflu side effects may show up earlier in Japan is that Tamiflu is used 12 times more frequently in Japan than in the United States -- 11.6 million prescriptions for children in Japan between 2001 and 2005, compared to about 872,000 during that same period in the United States.

USA Today November 17, 2005

USA Today November 19, 2005

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

I swear this whole bird flu saga is something straight from some television mini-series or fiction novel. However, as you know, you couldn't make up a story like this tale of greed and political corruption.

Earlier this year the United States placed an order for 20 million doses of this worthless drug at a price of $100 per dose. That comes to a staggering $2 billion. It was abundantly clear that this drug was not going to help anyone with the flu, and now we find out that this drug has a serious potential of killing children that take it.

To add insult to injury, the drug companies have made a sweet arrangement with the U.S. government that they are not liable for any of the side effects from the drugs. President Bush's $7.1-billion pandemic flu plan seeks broad limits on lawsuits against producers of vaccines and antiviral drugs, but is silent on how those injured or killed by adverse reactions might be compensated.

The liability shield is contained in the Pandemic Flu Countermeasure Liability Protection Act of 2005. It would protect producers and distributors of emergency vaccines from injury suits except in cases of "willful misconduct," a term to be defined later by the attorney general and the secretary of Health and Human Services.

So, even if these drugs or vaccines wind up killing innocent children, these companies will not be held liable. But you don't have to worry as on Saturday the FDA announced that Tamiflu was safe. Of course, this is the same agency that gave Vioxx its safetly blessing before it killed 55,000 people.

When Tamiflu kills U.S. children, Roche will plead that they had no idea it could do such a thing! They will claim reports such as this one out of Japan were unverified, and that there was no way they could have known it was a problem.

It just doesn't get much worse than that. When will America wake up and say enough is enough?

If this bothers you as much as it does me, you will want to be on the alert for a special animation I have created that could make a major difference in this country by helping people realize that we are not hopeless and that we can make a difference. I plan on releasing the video the first week of January, and we hope it will gain as much national attention as the Jib Jab video did last year.

Not that they will make any great efforts to find out if it is a problem -- if you've been paying attention to the way the drug companies operate, you know that any potential problem with their drugs is something they want to find out about after it has been sold to millions of people, not before.

As you probably understand by now, drugs are rarely the answer to your health problems. And vaccinations are a dangerous alternative to simply taking care of yourself.

Vaccines, which often contain mercury, are linked to several chronic illnesses including:

* Autism
* Allergies
* Behavioral disorders
* Ear infections

An essential resource for anyone interested in protecting their health and the health of their loved ones is Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal, a two-hour video by world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.
The video is the culmination of Dr. Tenpenny's three-year investigation into the real story behind vaccines. The facts on several crucial areas are covered including:

* How vaccines can cause illnesses
* The very real link between vaccines and developmental learning and behavioral disorders in children
* How vaccines have never been proven safe
* The ingredients and contaminants in vaccines and why they're detrimental to your health
* How vaccine studies are seriously flawed

If you want to avoid catching the flu, drugs and vaccines are not the answer. Your body and health are better served by addressing the reasons why the immune system is impaired, which allows it to acquire the infection to begin with.

Here are some much healthier and less expensive steps you can take:

* Avoid sugar
* Get enough rest
* Eat garlic regularly
* Don't let stress overwhelm you
* Exercise regularly
* Wash your hands

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