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Pharmaceutical Business With Disease: Suit Accuses Drug Makers Of Aiding In Deaths Of Children

Suit Accuses Drug Makers Of Aiding In Deaths Of Children
POSTED: 5:50 pm EDT July 6, 2004

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A psychiatrist's lawsuit said children have been harmed, and even killed, by the misuse of drugs, and he blames aggressive marking practices by some of the nation's largest drug manufacturers.

Harrisburg-based Dr. Stefan Kruszewski said he was fired last year as a consultant overseeing spending by the state Department of Public Welfare because he reported finding evidence of public corruption and fraud.

He's accusing drug companies of distorting statistics, violating regulations and exaggerating the effect of their products.

The alleged victims include juvenile wards of the state, mental patients and prisoners.

The suit doesn't give specific examples of people who have been killed by the alleged abuses, but his lawyer said the cases are real.

The suit seeks damages of more than $1 million.

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