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EU to discuss approval of two more GMO products


EU Commission still working for Monsanto's business, N.d.r.

EU to discuss approval of two more GMO products
03.06.2004 - 09:54 CET | By Lisbeth Kirk
Source: UE Observer

EU environment experts are to discuss the approval of two more GMO products in June after the Commission lifted a five-year moratorium on genetically modified products a few weeks ago.

On 19 May, the European Commission gave the go-ahead to maize known as Bt-11 and made by Swiss agrochemicals company Syngenta.

The EU executive took the decision after member states failed to agree among themselves about whether or not to lift the ban.

If authorised, the two next products — both marketed by Monsanto — would be used in animal feed and industrial processing, reported Reuters.

The first product up for approval is rapeseed modified to resist the herbicide glyphosate, one of the most toxic herbicides used to kill crop weeds. Monsanto’s trade name for this is Roundup.

Later in June, EU environment ministers will discuss a possible second GMO approval at a meeting scheduled for 28 June in Luxembourg.

The path was cleared for the first GM product, Bt-11, at a meeting of agricultural ministers in April.

At the time, six member states were against, six countries were in favour and three countries abstained. As member states failed to reach agreement, the European Commission was entitled to go ahead anyway under a complex decision-making procedure.

The meeting on 16 June is the first where experts of the 10 new member states are also able to vote. This makes the outcome of the meeting less easy to predict.

Bt-11 was the first of about 30 GM products waiting for regulatory clearance.

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