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Try Supplementing with Selenium if You Want to Avoid Age Spots

Try Supplementing with Selenium if You Want to Avoid Age Spots
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LONDON, May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Don't wait for yet another age spot to appear on your hands, face or neck as the summer sun wanes into Autumn this year. Research indicates that you can help to protect your skin from these unsightly brown spots - the result of a life time's accumulation of sun damage - by taking supplements such as selenium and vitamins A and E.

Intake of selenium in the UK has halved in the last 50 years and incidence of skin cancer has risen. Research by Dr Roddie McKenzie at the University of Edinburgh suggests that the most protective effects of taking selenium occur in people short of this vital trace element, which is most of us!

His work has shown that protection is greatest if a selenium antioxidant is taken before exposure to UV irradiation. This reduces damage to skin cell membranes following exposure to ultraviolet light. In laboratory protected cells incubated with selenium-containing proteins only 13% died after exposure to ultraviolet [UVB] compared with 79% of those without selenium protection.

Selenium also seems to protect cells from DNA damage so that sun damage is less likely to trigger the development of skin cancer.

Wassen's Selenium-Ace combines selenium with other important antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and costs GBP4.25 for a one month supply. Selenium plays an important role in skin immunity, so it makes sense to supplement as well as slapping on sun block.

I read Selenium-ACE may have a part to play in protecting against UV radiation damage. How does it work and when is the best time to start taking the product?

During a 28-day trial in France, in which the effect of UV radiation on the skin was carefully monitored before and after a 28-day course of Selenium-ACE, it was found that skin redness and free radical activity were reduced in those who took the food supplement. It would appear that it is best to start taking a course of Selenium-ACE approximately 1-2 months prior to going on holiday in the sun.

We also offer a Selenium-ACE cream, providing antioxidant nutrients for topical application to the skin.

What is the difference between organic and inorganic selenium?

The trace element selenium is found in the soil in the inorganic form, such as selenium selenite for example. Once this form of selenium has been incorporated into plant or animal proteins it is classed as organic selenium. Organic forms of selenium include selenomethionine, selenocysteine or high selenium yeast, compounds which more closely resemble the form of this mineral as found in food. It is for this reason that organic selenium products are often recommended for health maintenance.

Why have you combined the trace mineral selenium with vitamins A, C and E?

Vitamin E and selenium work together in the body. Vitamin C helps to regenerate vitamin E so that the action of this vitamin is prolonged. Vitamin A is required for healthy immunity and mucous membranes, the latter, one of the body's first barriers to unwanted microbes entering the body.

Can I take Selenium-ACE if I am planning pregnancy, if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

Whilst all ingredients found in Selenium-ACE are deemed safe for food supplements, which are classed as a food, we always recommend that those planning pregnancy, who are pregnant or breast-feeding consult their doctor prior to taking any food supplements.

Each tablet of Selenium-ACE provides 450 micrograms of vitamin A derived from both vitamin A as retinol and beta-carotene. The retinol component is 300 micrograms per tablet, which should not be taken in excess during pregnancy.

Are there any side-effects with Selenium-ACE?

Selenium-ACE is usually very well tolerated. As with any food, there is always a possibility that individuals may have a sensitivity to one or more ingredients contained in the product. We always recommend that in the event of any unusual symptoms being noted upon taking our products they should be discontinued and if necessary a doctor consulted to rule out any other cause for the symptoms.

Is Selenium-ACE suitable for vegetarians?

Technically no, as the vitamin A and beta-carotene component contains a tiny amount of gelatine, which acts as a carrier substance.

What are good food sources of selenium?

Brazil nuts, offal, cereal grains and fish. As selenium is distributed unevenly in the soil the amount of selenium found in food depends in which area it was grown or reared. It would appear that Norfolk is an area in the UK with good supplies of selenium in the soil, but generally soil levels tend to be low.

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