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BSE - US Stopped Testing Beef - Butcher Calls For Boycott


Dave Louthan, 'the man who killed the mad cow', is on a crusade. He says US beef is not safe as no testing for BSE is taking place. Louthan was dismissed from his job as a butcher at Vern's Moses Lake Meats after a cow he killed tested positive for BSE and he was interviewed by local tv. He has since been campaigning to call attention to the handling of the problem by the US Department of Agriculture.

What Louthan says in a letter to representatives of 75 countries who received an update letter from Dr. Ron DeHaven - Deputy Administrator of the USDA is that no one really knows whether US beef is safe to eat or not because there is no routine testing to detect any problems.

While I do not subscribe to the official hypothesis of infective prions as the cause of BSE, it is nevertheless interesting to compare the reaction to BSE some years ago in Europe and the reaction in the US today. In Europe, BSE was at first denied the status of a serious health problem, but public disclosure soon forced changes in the administration. The European Commission acted vigorously only after the press got in on the act. Then heads started rolling and sadly, many cows had to die needlessly, until tempers cooled down. In the aftermath, a whole new legislative environment was created by the EU Commission to ensure the safety of food.

America still seems to be in the denial phase. The USDA is reassuring foreign countries that US beef is perfectly safe.

Letter from Dave Louthan

My name is Dave Louthan. I'm the man who killed the mad cow at Vern's Meat in December. I'm also the man who has been fighting the USDA and trying to keep them from covering up the BSE problem. I'm sending this letter to all 75 countries who received an update letter from the liar Dr. Ron DeHaven - Deputy Administrator of the United States Department of Agriculture.

In the first sentence of his letter he points out the U.S. has only found one case of mad cow. On December 23 when the USDA got the positive test they stopped all BSE testing. That's why there has only been one case. They stopped testing to be sure they didn't find another one. They banned the use of down cows not to protect the food chain but because they were only testing down cows for bse. NO MORE DOWN COWS MEANS NO MORE TESTING. The USDA has not tested a single cow going into the food chain since that day. This is easily verifiable.

People in this country were tricked by the USDA. The gov't said the day this cow was discovered that it was not in the food chain and that it was a downer. Many people ate the contaminated meat. Some will get sick and die. The cow was not a downer. I killed that cow and I'm telling you it was a good walker. A big white cow with no BSE symptoms at all. I killed that cow along with the down cows because I was in a hurry and did not feel like separating her out. The USDA wants everybody to think only down cows have BSE but that is a lie. All down cows were good walking cows before they fell down. And they have BSE for years before they fall down. The only real steps the USDA has taken is to lie and deny and coverup the truth so they could continue selling beef to an unsuspecting consumer. Don't beleive a word these people tell you. They are without Honor.

The new testing protacol is not worth the paper it's written on. The USDA says it will test 201,000 sick and dead cows and 20,000 healthy old cows. They will never be able to find and test that many sick or dead cows. No farmer is going to call the USDA and tell them he has a sick cow. His herd would be quarantined and he would be ruined. The USDA knows this so they can claim they are going to test any number they want and as time goes by they will say they weren't able to test very many and in the mean time if you have opened your border you will be eating diseased beef. The 20,000 healthy cows is a percentage of cows that is so small it won't show any useful information. We kill 30,000,000 beef a year in the U.S. 20,000 is nothing. That's .0667%. That is completely meaningless and inadequate. The USDA will do anything to keep from actually testing the cows. The last thing they want to do is find another BSE cow. Right now they can look you in the eye and say they have found only one mad cow. They didn't find that cow I did.

That cow came into the U.S. as part of a herd of 81. Thousands of cows ate contaminated feed from the plants in Canada. Thousands of cows cross the border into the U.S. every year. The North American herd is now known to be contaminated with BSE. We don't know how many or how bad. The USDA refuses to test and find out. They insist that there is no science to prove the herd is bad but all it takes is a little common sense to see it. Don't allow their beef in your country until they test 100% of the beef. That's the only way to be sure you're getting safe beef. The consumers in the U.S. have fallen for the USDA lies. They are going to be eating diseased beef until a lot of people start dieing. At that time the people in charge will blame a previous administration for the sickness.

Of that herd of 81 the USDA only found 29 and then they gave up. These missing cows are multiplying and entering the food chain. Each one of those cows will have a calf every year. Those will enter the food chain and their calves will enter the food chain. their remains will be rendered into Protein and the disease will continue to grow and amplify.

The USDA hired a panel of international scientists who said "It's is probable that other infected animals have been imported from Canada and possibly also from Europe. These animals have not been detected therefore infective material has likely been rendered, fed to cattle, and amplified within the cattle population, sothat cattle in the USA have also been indigenously infected". The USDA choose to ignore this and began a program based on lies and deceit in order to keep the beef sales going without any regard to the health of the consumer. The USDA's prime objective is to sell beef. That is all.

The USDA claims that the beef is safe even if the cow had BSE because they remove the spinal cord before processing. That's another lie. Every beef slaughtered in this country is split in half with a large band saw. The saw blade passes right down the exact center of the animal from it's tail bone to the end of the neck. The cut splits the spine and spinal cord in half the long way. As the saw cuts down through the back bone blood, fat, bone dust, and SPINAL CORD material mix with the hot water sprayed on the blade to keep it from clogging with fat and form a bloody slurry that runs down the carcass inside and out. If this animal has BSE the entire carcass will be contaminated. When it is time to cut the carcass up every knife and saw cut will carry the contamination into into the meat. There will be no steaks or roasts that are not contaminated with prions. The saw that slpit the beef will also be contaminated and all the other animals split after this one will be contaminated with BSE.

The only way to be sure the meat is not infected is to test every animal slaughtered. The USDA will tell you that there is no scientific basis for this but common sense should tell you that it is necessary to insure the safety of the consumer.

The USDA has lied and changed documents and ignored warnings from scientists and doctors all just keep the flow of meat moving. The USDA works for the Beef industry not for the people. Many people will die because of that blind greed. Protect your people. Don't buy American Beef. It is diseased. Don't be bullied into accepting their lies and BSE. Thank you for your time

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