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Banking System Used to Attack Sound Health Alternative Practices!

Open Letter from Ralph Fucetola JD, for the SHRI Trustees, April 10, 2004
Source and full story: Life Spirit

Dear Alternative Health Advocate,

A new and treacherous attack on alternative and complementary practitioners has just begun to unfold in Ohio, a state notorious for its strict regulations that hamper the practice of nutrition and other complementary modalities.

In this case, Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., the founder of Human BioAcoustics™ just had her accounts seized by a bank, operating on a "cognovit note" that had her name affixed to it nearly a decade ago without her knowledge.

A Michigan court defined this dubious practice, outlawed in a number of states, this way, "A cognovit note is a legal device by which a debtor consents in advance to the holder's obtaining a judgment without notice or hearing, and possibly without appearance, on the debtor's behalf, by an attorney designated by the holder…" Since 1974, even Ohio law forbids the device in consumer loans (Section 2323.11(E)).

In Ms. Edward's case, this "legal device" may force her to (temporarily, we pray!) halt her research activities in Southeast Ohio. The local courts are offering her no redress - the notice of the "turn-over" of the seized funds from the court to the bank - dated April 1st - was not mailed to her until, according to the postmark, April 6th - and the local rule requires her to act within 5 days of the notice! Ms. Edwards is reaching out to the media to make people aware of this dangerous precedent. Expect to see this story break in venues such as 20/20.

The Sound Health Research Institute, Inc. (SHRI), an independent non-profit entity of which Ms. Edwards is the Research Director, was not affected by this legal action. We remain fully functioning. The Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization and Donations to it are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Therefore the Trustees have determined to make this public appeal to the Health Freedom Movement: PLEASE HELP US HELP MS. EDWARDS CONTINUE HER RESEARCH.

We are looking for Angels out there who can donate ten, a hundred or even a thousand dollars to keep the research facility functioning. SHRI is making an emergency support grant and needs your help to fund it.