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Alzheimer's related to nutrition, suggests study

Alzheimer's related to nutrition, suggests study
13.04.2004 5.30 am
Source: The New Zealand Herald

Alzheimer's disease could be related to a deficiency of key nutrients such as iron and Vitamin E, a study has suggested.

The Australian Centre for Neuropsychotherapy conducted a year-long study using American medical library resources to analyse and collect results from other research.

It concluded that there was a strong link between Vitamin E and folate deficiencies and the prevention of brain degeneration.

Centre director Rod Markham said there was a growing amount of clinical research suggesting the link between Alzheimer's disease and nutrients.

He recommended that people increase their intake of Vitamin E and folate, found in vegetable oils, wheatgerm, whole-grain products, avocados and nuts.

"Prevention of Alzheimer's disease should start early in life with proper nutrition," Markham said.

There could also be a connection between Alzheimer's and lack of amino acids.

Exercise could also help preserve the brain, he said.

"If you don't use it, you lose it."