October 23, 2011
By Martha Rosenberg

There was a day when it seemed like everyone was on antidepressant "happy pills" like Prozac, Paxil and Zoloft. But then the pendulum began to swing. Patients objected to the weight gain and feelings of not being "themselves," sexual side effects and the withdrawal symptoms. There were even reports and warnings about suicide and other "neuropsychiatric" effects.

Now, WebMD, the gigantic, pro-pill web site whose original partner was Eli Lilly, is doing damage control for SSRI antidepressants. New articles, sounding like they're from crib makers or cantaloupe growers, urge patients not to panic or quit taking their pills just because of things they read.

Don't believe all the hooey about antidepressants turning "you into a zombie," ruining your sex life or costing too much, says an article called Fears and Facts About Antidepressants on WedMD. And don't be impatient! " If the first antidepressant medication doesn't help, the second or third often will . Most people eventually find one that works for them." Ka-ching. Don't listen to all that suicide talk either! "Switching to a different antidepressant may help," say the damage control articles.

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Vac Truth.com
by Christina England
December 3, 2010

A child of twelve was charged with ‘threatening behaviour’ at his school in Bowmanville, East of Toronto last week. The arrest happened when the boy (who cannot be named for legal reasons) threw a tantrum refusing the Hepatitis B vaccine. The National Post reported (http://news.nationalpost.com/2010…) that police were brought into Ross Tilley Public School because the boy had threatened to damage the school. Unfortunately, the report failed to give the reason why the child was refusing the vaccine or what made him so angry.

The National Post said:

Officers consulted with the Crown attorney’s office and charged the boy with threatening, a criminal charge police said was justified: “due to the age of the child and concerns over public safety.”

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HIV tests are better than 99% accurate?

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but as they say, the devil is in the details.

See this explanation of what a greater than 99% accuracy actually means... and when you next hear about someone having tested positive for "HIV", tell them to do their homework before becoming too worried.

HIV tests are better than 99% accurate...

by Gos Blank

...BUT there's a catch: If you test positive, "accuracy" is a meaningless term. No competent and responsible medical professional should EVER use the term "accuracy" to describe a positive HIV test result. (And yet, 99% of HIV testing professionals do this regularly, suggesting that they are neither competent nor responsible.)

Here's why:

If you tested a large group of randomly-selected Americans for HIV, more than 99% of them would test negative.

Now, just for the sake of argument, let's say, hypothetically speaking, that there were no such thing as HIV. In such a scenario, all positive results would be false-positives, meaning that a positive test would have ZERO accuracy, since there would be no virus for you to be "positive" for in the first place. And yet, the overall accuracy of the test would still be >99%, because >99% of the test results would be true-negatives.

Thus, it would be mathematically impossible for an HIV test to be less than 99% accurate, even if there were no such thing as HIV.

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Is AIDS Caused by a Vitamin Deficiency?


Everyone knows that AIDS, the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is caused by a virus. HIV, also called the Human immunodeficiency Virus, has been isolated and there are drugs that can prevent it from replicating. Everything is under control.

But is that really the truth?

There are a number of scientists who maintain that the isolation of the virus never did happen, that what Gallo and Montagnier found were harmless supernatant particles that are incapable of causing immune deficiency. Detractors say that no plausible theory of how the virus causes AIDS has been put forward. Efforts to find a vaccine have been fruitless for decades. Drugs used to treat AIDS patients are said to do more damage than good.

Now what if there really were a nutritional (or rather a sunshine) deficiency at the base of this mysterious syndrome that has been known to hit majorly drug users and black people?

Don't say 'no' just yet. Read this very interesting article that was just published about how vitamin D seems to help the immune system overcome tuberculosis. And read it with the possibility in mind that maybe, just maybe, Vitamin D deficiency might play a fundamental role not only in tuberculosis but also in AIDS, which really is a condition where people develop "secondary" infections and then die from them.

Here is the article...

Scientists find vitamin D crucial in human immune response to tuberculosis

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The Story behind the story
October 4, 2011
With A. True Ott PhD

Many thanks to my good friend and colleague in Truth, Clint Richardson for this remarkable video.

One thing, however, that I must add. Adjudin, the sterilization drug explained in the video, is found in all three GARDASIL injections for our young ladies, as well as in the “novel” influenza A vaccines including the nasal inhaler “FluMist”.

Just as Salk’s polio vaccine with it’s SV-40 (monkey-virus) planted the seeds of cancer in unsuspecting Americans, so now the HPV vaccine “Gardasil” appears to be sterilizing our young women. With the addition of squalene and mercury inhibiting brain neuron functions, it is little wonder America’s “human cattle” (the GOYIM) have been systematically “Dumbed Down.”

How very tragic and Satanic in the extreme!

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Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, October 3, 2011

No Evidence, Eh?

(OMNS, Oct 3, 2011) Many of our readers have written to say that when they try to talk to their physician about using nutritional medicine, the subject is promptly dismissed. Furthermore, such dismissal is often accompanied with doctor statements such as, "I have not seen any good research showing that vitamins work therapeutically."

That your doctor has not seen the research is probably true. However, the research has been there all along. The problem is that many health practitioners are often too busy, and sometimes too complacent, to look for it.

It is time to change that. Here are some highly-reliable orthomolecular resources online, for free access.

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With this research into the biochemical connection Aids and the associated CD4 T-cell count have with smooth muscle tissue and especially with the tissue that composes arteries, Cal Crilly continues his investigation into the origins of an ill-defined syndrome that has plagued medical researchers and has resisted, to this day, our attempts to fully understand, much less find a clear solution to.

Cal is the first to admit he does not understand all, but what he did find should provide some food for thought. It's time someone listened...


Helical Sun

First off, I have radical ideas, so will have to describe them to get to the reasons why I see HIV as an arterial retrovirus.

I believe that viruses and retroviruses are in our genome.

When someone gives you a virus it's a 'viral outbreak' from their own DNA.

If you have exposed DNA then the symptoms are simply caused by insertions of someone else's DNA into yours.

The cure being make sure your cell walls are healthy and you don't have exposed DNA.

These thoughts are from literally a decade of looking at studies in PubMed.

While other folk have been checking out reality TV and insane Youtube clips and chatting about inane things online I've been perusing studies so I'm not very hippy about this.

If I'm saying this is 'what the?' data you have to deal with the fact that I may be pointing at something very awkwardly real when interpreted into the real world.

So Herpes viruses in particular have this dalliance with collagen and get blamed as a cofactor in all the degenerative diseases like Heart Disease, Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Almost everyone with a brain tumour has had mouth Herpes or cold sores, why?

But cancer researchers can also use Herpes viruses to dismantle a tumour from the inside .

So it's like Herpes was meant to break down collagen and expose DNA for digestion?

Who knows?

Herpes viruses and other viruses seem to appear magically after DNA damage.

You have Herpes infections of eyes post laser surgery and following sunburn.

Shingles can happen after sunburn....

Chemicals, heavy metal exposure, some drugs, radiation exposure and bad diet all leads to DNA exposure and this looks like the main source of our viral outbreaks.

The big 'what the' for me though is the spontaneous eruptions of cytomegalovirus when women get pregnant.

Time and time again I would read researchers say 'we don't know the source of the cytomegalovirus infection?'

Well viruses have a dalliance with arterial changes as well as collagen so when women get pregnant it looks like cytomegalovirus dismantles old unwanted arteries.

Unwanted because the baby is about to pinch 40% of the mum's blood supply so the old arteries are just way too small for the job.

But retroviruses also seem to appear in this process after T-cells and white blood cells remove old dead cellular debri.

After as in it seems the retroviruses appear with the new growth?

This is why they turn up with the placenta and tumour cells and all the areas where people with autoimmune disease have lesions or damaged cells in the process of trying to repair the body structure.

They also say reverse transcriptase is used by retroviruses but it is really a measure of cell growth.

Just type in "reverse transcriptase cell growth" into a google.

So my explanations say for Ebola would be that since most Ebola outbreaks seem to occur within 2 years of a Measles vaccine campaign the live Measles virus they use in Africans who are low in Vitamin C, Lysine and Selenium causes an unravelling of DNA from the inside of people and without enough Vitamin C and Lysine to create collagen and make antibodies a person continues to unravel.

Here in Queensland Australia we have an outbreak of a so called horse virus called 'Hendra Virus' which they blame bats for passing on to horses via their excrement.

In my book the obvious cause then is pesticides, the bats eat fruit laden with poison that damages their DNA and cells, the dying cells express exposed DNA.

That exposed DNA can be picked up by the horses who may or may not deal with stabilising their DNA before the unravelling becomes deadly.

In the modern world we are now getting exposed to drugs, heavy metals, pesticides, GMO's, preservatives, colourings, fluoride, benzene from petrol, radiation from thousands of sources plus the odd leaking nuclear power plant etc.

This exposes our DNA so expect more viral outbreaks.

Solar storms and positively charged winds also give people the sort of radiation and electrical changes that expose DNA.

In short exposed DNA is dangerous.


I see the mass culling of cows say with mad cow disease as happened as medieval.

The same goes for the slaughter of millions of birds 'infected' with bird flu.

The cows got mad cow from organophosphate insectides, well known for causing brain damage

If you just let the birds get the flu some will get over it and some won't.

Dressing up in white suits and culling animals in a bizarre ritual to cleanse the world is a cult like activity.

You just don't eat the poor animals until they get well again.


If a researcher wants to experiment with this all you need to do is scrape off some of your own cells.

Dissolve your cells in Benzene and let it evaporate, this will wreck the cell walls and expose your DNA.

Then expose the muck and DNA to a hypomethylating chemical which will expose DNA further.

You then leave it in an Arginine solution to destabilise the Histones.

Leave it all in a positive ion chamber and I'll bet you watch viruses grow out of your DNA.

Has anyone tried it?

Now I am going to use quotes from Alfred Hassig, the former president of the Board of Trustees of the International Society of Blood Transfusion between 1982 and 1984.

In other words the head of the Swiss Red Cross Transfusion Service.

He said and I repeat in memory of all those frightened and poisoned to death by this shoddy HIV science.

"It is the duty of every medical doctor to preserve life at any cost - the Hippocratic Oath - and not death-curse people based on any test so they are so frightened they kill themselves. I am sad to say that these voodoo methods were practised despite there never being any proof that the detected antibodies - suggested as specific to a retrovirus - are an indication of mortality in all diagnosed people."

This is the quote that puts in context my description of HIV as an arterial retrovirus.

The immune system itself is not all about foreign invaders.

If you have healthy intact cell walls and a clean water supply bugs should be a minimal problem for the immune system.

The main thing the immune system must deal with now is sugar and fat and all the poisons we use habitually since we became fans of science.

"The human immune system was conceived of only in its function against foreign (non-self) structures. The Nobel laureates Burnet, Medawar and Jerne have completely neglected the main function of the human immune system. The human organism dismantles about 1 billion body cells every day. One part of our immune system - the T-cells from the Thymus gland - is in charge of cleaning up this altered-self material. In a healthy organism the immune functions of antibodies produced by B-cells, and of the cytotoxic or cell-clearing T-cells, remain in balance."

I have an autoimmune drama in that my T-cells can get a bit excited and if they get out of control can really rip my skin to shreds.
Hence my memories of my 'immune' system are of my entire outer skin layer being removed by thousands of burning white blood cell clusters until all the Benzene and Nitrate chemicals I had been exposed to were gone with the dead skin.
It's called a cytokine storm and people can die from it in so in hospital they just dole out corticosteroids to stop the immune system from dissolving you.
I use Bromelain now and the odd dab of corticosteroid cream.

The main pattern of AIDS goes like this.
Poison exposure from recreational or doctor drugs.
Immune overload and autommune symptoms as the body's T-cells try to clear the clutter.
This is then suppressed with corticosteroids which switch off the T-cells so the T-cells job in removing dead cells and poisons with white blood cells just stops and people clog up and die.

But Alfred also asked "why are Africans always HIV positive?"

"I was invited as an expert by the Supreme Court in Melbourne, Australia, to comment on whether the blood product Factor VIII used by people with haemophilia, could possibly transmit HIV, in 1990. I had to consult the scientific literature on AIDS. I found inaccuracies in the 'HIV/AIDS' statistics compared with the reality in different countries. I was especially attentive to the fact that AIDS diagnoses in Africa seemed common; in Asia however - despite the high incidence of so-called HIV-positivity - there were relatively very few AIDS diagnoses. One particular study caught my attention. It was carried out in Trinidad. From the almost equal numbers of positive Afro-Trinidadians and Indo-Trinidadians - each about 40%, with both about the same percentage of homosexual activity - only the Africans died with AIDS diagnoses. Why? As an immunologist focusing on nutrition I soon realised the specific nutritional components. Asians have a highly antioxidative diet, for example with curry. These findings caused serious doubts whether the perceived AID Syndrome was being sufficiently explained by "HIV".

Well Africans seem to have more HLA-DR antigens either from having sickle cell anemia or some other historical genetic reason....
Or simply from more heart disease due to dietary differences as Alfred just said.
And AIDS tests are applied to "At risk groups"
Our own doctors may be simply creating an 'epidemic' by testing the same people over and over again...
...but this below is what I think the testing really meant.

AIDS and Arteries....
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Infowars News.com
October 1, 2011

An Infowars Nightly News special report filed by Alex Jones shows never-before-seen undercover footage shot at the Austin Water Treatment Facility demonstrates the process of adding the corrosive and highly toxic chemical to the water supply.

Further, our reporters speak with people on the street to get their take on the controversial practice that has garnered many highly-credible critics as public awareness grows. Even government agencies have now warned that fluoride levels must be reduced to decrease the risk of dental fluorosis, which most greatly affects developing children.
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Natural News
September 29, 2011 by: S. D. Wells


(NaturalNews) Organic consumers and nutritionists may already know, but the rest of the general population does not know about sodium benzoate. It has the ability to deprive the cells of oxygen, break down the immune system and cause cancer.

This killer is flying under consumer radar with its user friendly tag line, "as a preservative." This silent cell choker has found its way into thousands of products, even foods that are labeled as all natural. But don't be fooled. While benzoic acid is found naturally in low levels in many fruits, the sodium benzoate listed on a product's label is synthesized in a lab.

Derived from a reaction of benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide, sodium benzoate is actually the sodium salt of benzoic acid. Sodium benzoate is a known carcinogenic additive which, when eaten or applied to the skin, gets transported to the liver, where it is supposed to be filtered, and expelled in urine, but the damage gets done before that process is completed.

Sodium benzoate chokes out your body's nutrients at the DNA cellular level by depriving mitochondria cells of oxygen, sometimes completely shutting them down. Just as humans need oxygen to breathe, cells need oxygen to function properly and to fight off infection, including cancer.

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FDA Needs to Ban Antipsychotic Drug Use on Kids

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September 23, 2011


Note from CCHR: While the FDA and its Pediatric advisory panel sit around pondering if one antipsychotic drug is more likely to cause diabetes in children than another while continuing their stall tactic of “let’s study it some more ” routine, we’d like to point out the simple solution: Considering that antipsychotic drugs are already documented by international drug regulatory agencies to cause not only diabetes but obesity, psychosis, blood clots, heart problems, cardiac events, seizures, toxicity, confusion, coma and stroke (and that’s just in kids) as well as brain atrophy (meaning they actually shrink brains); considering there is no medical test to prove any child has a brain malfunction, chemical imbalance or any physical condition requiring the administration of these lethal drugs—and considering these drugs are literally killing kids that have nothing medically wrong with them in the first place— Do the job you are paid by U.S. Taxpayers to do and BAN their use on children. Period.

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