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We urge Irish voters to say "NO" to Lisbon Treaty


PRESS RELEASE: International Alliance of Non-Governmental Organizations and Independent Political Parties urges Irish voters to say "No" to Lisbon Treaty

The European Referendum Initiative, an international alliance of non-governmental organizations and independent political parties with supporters in all 27 European Union countries, is urging Irish voters to vote "No" in Ireland's upcoming second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Expressing its deep concern that the passing of the treaty would lead to the takeover of the economic, social and even private lives of the European people by corporate interests, it says that by voting “No” to the treaty the Irish people would be representing the hopes of all Europeans for a democratic future.

Paul Anthony Taylor, External Relations Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation and the campaign's coordinator, said: “The repeat of the Irish referendum is not simply a matter affecting Ireland. To the contrary, it concerns the ongoing battle between the peoples of Europe who want democracy and the European political elite who are designing a dictatorship on behalf of corporate economic interests; namely, the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical cartels. Whilst it has been claimed that the Lisbon Treaty would supposedly make Europe more democratic, the fact is that with the exception of Ireland, voters in every other European Union country have been denied the right to vote on it. Basing the future of an entire continent and 500 million people upon such profoundly undemocratic foundations as these would be a dangerous step towards the establishment of a fully-fledged dictatorship and I strongly urge the Irish people to vote ‘No’ on October 2.”

Scott Tips, President and Legal Counsel for the National Health Federation, commented: "The centralization of power into the hands of a few has ever been the bane of individual liberty. Yet the Lisbon Treaty, if put into place, would do just that, concentrate even more power into the hands of a Soviet-style politburo, making decisions for 500 million souls. The upcoming vote in Ireland on the Treaty is not just about Ireland, it's about all of Europe. And only the Irish have the opportunity to save Europe! The cry in Ireland this time around is that the Irish must vote yes to "save their jobs." But with severe economic hard times about to re-emerge as the World passes from the eye of the Storm back into the Storm itself, this is exactly what the Irish must not do if they want to save their economy. Tying the Irish economy even more tightly to a distant, centralized economic bureaucracy over which the Irish will have even less control is a sure-fire recipe for economic disaster."

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