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Coca-cola to phase out controversial Sodium Benzoate


Coca-cola to phase out controversial chemical linked to hyperactivity and gene damage

By Colin Fernandez


Phase out: Coca cola is withdrawing the chemical sodium benzoate, which is used to stop fizzy drinks going mouldySoft drink giant Coca-Cola is phasing out a controversial additive that has been linked to hyperactivity and causing damage to DNA.The chemical Sodium Benzoate, also known as E211, is used to stop fizzy drinks going mouldy. But recent research has shown that the chemical can deactivate parts of DNA, the genetic code in the cells of living creatures.

Coca-Cola said it was withdrawing the additive from Diet Coke in response to consumer demand for more natural products.
The move will mean that by the end of the year  no can will contain E211 - and it plans to remove it from its other products as soon as possible.
But the company said at present it had not found a satisfactory alternative to replace the additive in some soft drinks with a higher juice content including Fanta and Dr Pepper.
Other fizzy drinks made by rival companies, such as Irn-Bru, Pepsi Max and Lucozade will continue to contain the additive.

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